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NOUN   a cloud of smoke | clouds of smoke
cloud of smoke {noun}облак {м} (от) дим
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Translation for 'cloud of smoke' from English to Bulgarian

cloud of smoke {noun}
облак {м} (от) дим
Usage Examples English
  • The Fort George Herald reported the destruction of the old village as "the torch of the white man will be thrust into the remaining houses and the village will disappear quietly in a cloud of smoke".
  • Sustained firing of black powder cartridges generated a cloud of smoke, making concealment impossible until smokeless powder became available in the late 19th century.
  • Motorist Mary Lyman, who was on I-395, saw the airplane pass over at a "steep angle toward the ground and going fast" and then saw the cloud of smoke from the Pentagon.
  • He then saw a "massive" cloud of smoke, wood splinters and paper and men being hurled through a window and door.
  • Couronnes station was plunged into darkness just as a dense, choking cloud of smoke emerged from the tunnel leading to Ménilmontant.
  • They are capable of producing a 20 cubic meter cloud of smoke that lasts for one minute in winds of up to five meters per second.
  • However, it was Mansell who made a mistake first, spinning off in a cloud of smoke at the start of lap 10 as he was having brake problems.
  • The smoker may also use any of those methods to blow into a cloud of smoke outside their mouth.
  • Govind Singh disappeared in a cloud of smoke and was presumed dead.
  • He arranges her to perform a song at a stadium event appearing in a cloud of smoke and then using flawless holographic technology.
  • Unless there was a strong wind, after a few shots, soldiers using gunpowder ammunition would have their view obscured by a huge cloud of smoke.
  • After steady, methodical and persistent work, by 16:00 a cloud of smoke hung over the central redoubt from rifle and machine-gun fire.
  • The submarine scored two hits on the coastal minelayer "Nasami", which disappeared in a cloud of smoke and debris.
  • He then disappears in a cloud of smoke and leaves the heroes to deal with Octavius.
  • Blakey was a heavy smoker; he appears in a cloud of smoke on the "Buhaina's Delight" album cover, and in extended footage of a 1973 appearance with Ginger Baker, Blakey begins a long drummers' "duel" with cigarette alight.
  • Presently Sato's engine began smoking; on the third lap, it exploded spectacularly and released an enormous cloud of smoke, in which Sauber's Giancarlo Fisichella collided with McLaren’s David Coulthard and overturned.
  • In [...] , the phrase literally translated as a cloud by day, and smoke is sometimes interpreted as a hendiadys meaning "a cloud of smoke by day".
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