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putrid {adj}вонящ
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Translation for 'putrid' from English to Bulgarian

putrid {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • The Colts were embarrassed at home in week two by the putrid Patriots, losing 16–14 for New England's lone win of 1990.
  • These putrid pals are the grossest kids ever!
  • This is now acknowledged as the first systematic and scientific studies of endotoxins, a substance once referred to as "putrid poison" that was thought to be responsible for symptoms and signs observed in individuals with sepsis.
  • Breeding takes place in small (even putrid) pools and marshes.
  • Sweat is odorless however several bacteria may consume it and create byproducts which may be considered putrid by humans (as in contrast to flies, for example, that may find them attractive/appealing).
  • Elliot Garfield (Dreyfuss) describes his performance as "putrid".
  • ... French, literally "putrid pot") is a kind of musical form structured as ABCDEF..., the same as medley or, sometimes, fantasia.
  • "Barra" means port entrance or sandbank, and "Tijuca" is a word originally from the Tupi "ty-yúc" and means putrid water, mud, swamp, puddle, clay or clay-pit.
  • Fermented fish preparations can be notable for their putrid smell. These days there are many other techniques of preserving fish, but fish is still fermented because some people enjoy the taste.
  • The hide of trolls is rubbery, and usually either moss green, putrid grey, or mottled gray and green.
  • It contributes no color to bisulfide salts, and its salts may have a distinctive putrid smell.
  • According to tradition, the name "Stinking Quarter" arose from the putrid stench of carrion after a buffalo hunt.
  • Baynes died in London from a putrid fever, on 3 August 1787, and was buried by the side of his friend Dr. Jebb in Bunhill Fields.
  • Pliny the Elder attempted to heal alcoholism in the first century Rome by putting putrid spiders in alcohol abusers' drinking glasses.
  • Saprolite (from Greek σαπρος = putrid + λιθος = rock) is a chemically weathered rock (literally, it means "rotten rock").
  • Back at Madeline's home, Grace is attracting flies due to her putrid scent.
  • A surviving fragment of Plato Comicus speaks of "putrid garum". Martial congratulates a friend on keeping up amorous advances to a girl who had indulged in six helpings of it.
  • Alleged witnesses describe the creature as a large, bipedal humanoid, with a pumpkin sized head, about [...] tall, covered in dark hair that emits a putrid odor.
  • Hydrogen sulfide, some of its salts, and almost all organic sulfides have a strong and putrid stench; rotting biomass releases these.
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