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usually {adv}обикновено
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Translation for 'usually' from English to Bulgarian

usually {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • In Colombia, many private schools usually have prom balls as well, usually consisting of a dinner, dancing, live music, and contests. They are usually held at hotels or clubs.
  • Males call around dusk, usually from high perches. Females are usually seen near the ground.
  • Parquet floors were formerly usually adhered with hot bitumen. Today modern cold adhesives are usually used.
  • In cryptography, plaintext usually means unencrypted information pending input into cryptographic algorithms, usually encryption algorithms.
  • Cordilleran flycatchers' preferred breeding habitat is pine-oak or coniferous forest, usually near running water.
  • Inflorescence usually terminal. Sepals usually connate, often colored, usually accrescent. Corolla red to yellow, pink, or white. Corolla tube 5-lobed, the lobes usually unequal.
  • Substitutes wear jersey numbers 16 upwards (usually up to 31). 16 is usually worn by the substitute goalkeeper, and the third choice goalkeeper usually wears the number 31 jersey.
  • Specifying a curved-rail stair lifts usually involves careful measurement, design and manufacturing, and the installation process usually takes longer than for a straight domestic stair lift, usually between 5 – 10 weeks.
  • As with other exams in the Higher Still curriculum, the grades pupils can receive in the final exam are A (usually about 70%+), B (usually about 60%+), a C (usually about 50%+), a D (usually 45–49%) or an F also known as a No Award (usually under 45%).
  • Some features that distinguish adult Nerioidea from other flies are: a face that's usually weakly sclerotised (except in Fergusoninidae), antenna usually porrect or slightly deflexed (elbowed in Tanypezidae), wing veins R2+3 and R4+5 usually convergent, and the wing anal cell usually much smaller than the subcostal cell.
  • Counting is usually done by accounting professionals called soft counters, usually using computer spreadsheets.
  • Gräddfil (usually 12 %) and Creme Fraiche (usually around 35 %) are two common sour cream products.
  • Larvae have frontal arms usually lyriform, the mandible mesal surface usually with well-developed mola, a maxillary articulating area usually present, a hypopharyngeal sclerome usually present, and two pretarsal setae.
  • Photochlorinations are usually effected in the liquid phase, usually employing chemically inert solvents.
  • Individuals are usually found in moist areas, usually under stones or leaves.
  • Teams from group 1 (usually from west) and group 4 (usually from south) won promotion twenty five times each.
  • The people of Enugwu-ukwu usually organise a Mmonwu festival during the festive period in December.
  • The earthworks usually consist of a bank with a ditch on either side. The bank is usually about [...] wide and the ditches are usually about [...] deep.
  • There are 23–29 scale rows around hood (usually 25–27); 19–21 just ahead mid-body (usually 21); ventral scales 161–180 (usually 171 in males, 173 in females); subcaudal scales 37–51 pairs (usually 48 in males, 46 in females).
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