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SYNO well-intentioned | well-meaning | well-meant
well-intentioned {adj}добронамерен
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Translation for 'well-intentioned' from English to Bulgarian

well-intentioned {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • John tried to give Connolly a boost in America by using him as the opening act on his 1976 US tour, but the well-intentioned gesture was a failure.
  • The realization that the king had effectually repudiated the revolutionary reforms made up to that point came as a shock to people who had seen him as a well-intentioned monarch who governed as a manifestation of God's will.
  • While well intentioned, this lack has been described as a "catastrophic" mistake that makes type look "monotonous" and makes all words look alike.
  • A well-intentioned and honorable young gentleman, he has a strong moral code and prides himself on helping his friends.
  • Even if the initial regulation was well-intentioned (to curb actual abuses) and even if the initial lobbying by corporations was well-intentioned (to reduce illogical regulations), the mixture of business and government stifles competition, a collusive result called regulatory capture.
  • In a speech in 1965, American diplomat Spruille Braden said the term was used by Joseph Stalin to refer to what Braden called "countless innocent although well-intentioned sentimentalists or idealists" who aided the Soviet agenda.
  • The well-intentioned plan went awry, however, when Dutugemunu asked to be shown the finished building.
  • Gladwell was a featured storyteller for the Moth podcast. He told a story about a well-intentioned wedding toast for a young man and his friends that went wrong.
  • Reader concluded that, "The visit was well-intentioned, and the participants were genuinely concerned about possible violations of civil rights in the wake of the extensive police investigations and detentions of followers."
  • The performance drew some poor reviews with "The Village Voice" calling it "a well-intentioned mess," although other critics also noted that the crowd enjoyed the performance.
  • Janes well-intentioned message is obscured by stylistic bombast and an overload of jingoism."
  • Certain transhumanist philosophers hold that since all assumptions about what others experience are fallible, and that therefore all attempts to help or protect beings that are not capable of correcting what others assume about them no matter how well-intentioned are in danger of actually hurting them, all sentient beings deserve to be sapient.
  • Barnardo's acknowledges its role in this "well intentioned" but "deeply misguided" policy supported by the government of the time.
  • Despite its well-intentioned approach to traditionalism, the Kingsway was a neighbourhood built for the automobile, and all houses were built with discreetly placed garages, as per Smith's wishes.
  • Michael Elterman, Chairman of the Canada-Israel Committee Pacific Region, warned that Maguire's actions, though probably well-intentioned, have promoted a hateful, antisemitic agenda.
  • He is depicted as well intentioned and compassionate but largely ineffectual.
  • Due to his passive but well-intentioned character, he gained the sobriquet The Benign (...) or The Benevolent ([...] , Polish: "Ferdynand Dobrotliwy").
  • System operators may need to remind experienced users that most newcomers are well-intentioned (see, for example, [...]).
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