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NOUN1   an O | Os
NOUN2   an OS | OSes
NOUN3   os | ossa
SYNO atomic number 76 | bone | oculus sinister | ...
osmium {noun} <Os>
осмий {м} <Os>
operating system {noun} <OS>
операционна система {ж}
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Translation for 'Os' from English to Bulgarian

osmium {noun} <Os>
осмий {м} <Os>минерал.химия

operating system {noun} <OS>
операционна система {ж}информ.
Usage Examples English
  • QEdit was ported to OS/2 initially as a 16-bit application for Microsoft's OS/2 1.x. This 16-bit OS/2 version of QEdit had version 1.x. Version 1.50 for 16-bit OS/2 is dated February 1990.
  • VersionTracker was a website that tracked software releases and versioning. It began as a Mac OS software tracker, eventually expanding into Mac OS X, iPhone, Microsoft Windows and Palm OS software.
  • In some animals, the fibrous trigone can undergo increasing mineralization with age, leading to the formation of a significant "os cordis" (heart bone), or two ("os cordis sinistrum" and "os cordis dextrum", the latter being the larger one).
  • The decline of Team OS/2 largely coincided with IBM's abandonment of OS/2 and the coinciding attacks orchestrated by Microsoft on OS/2, Team OS/2, and IBM's early attempts at online evangelism.
  • Palm OS Emulator supports Palm OS 4.x and earlier. It cannot support Palm OS 5.x and later, as those versions are based on the ARM processor.
  • In 1999, nineteen years after the first release of OS-9, Apple Computer released Mac OS 9.
  • Emteria.OS is an Android based operating system (OS).
  • Os or Os i Østerdalen is the administrative centre of Os Municipality in Innlandet county, Norway.
  • This phone as earlier described had Cyanogen OS operating system but later the company Cyanogen OS was closed and it was replaced by Lineage OS.
  • There are also basic prima facie speed limits in Colorado. There are no rural roads in the District of Columbia.
  • x and OS/2, third party utility authors wrote utility programs that emulated some DESQview API functions to allow suitably equipped DOS programs to co-operate with these OS.
  • Clips are then shown featuring k-os, his crew, and the mannequins break dancing.
  • Yves Triantafyllos (alternative spellings Triantafil(l)os, Triandafyl(l)os, Triandafil(l)os; Greek: Υβ Τριαντάφυλλος; born 27 October 1948) is a French former professional footballer who played as a striker.
  • After replacing the Display Postscript WindowServer with Quartz, and responding to developers by including better backward compatibility for classic Mac OS applications through the addition of Carbon, Apple released Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, starting at version 10.0; Mac OS X is now named macOS.
  • Although the OS/2 command shell is closely related to the Windows Command Prompt, the [...] command is not available in the OS/2 version of [...].
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