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NOUN   a nimbus | nimbi / nimbuses
SYNO aura | aureole | gloriole | ...
nimbus {noun}svatozář {f}
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Translation for 'nimbus' from English to Czech

nimbus {noun}
svatozář {f}
Usage Examples English
  • The moss froglet ("Crinia nimbus"), or moss frog, is a species of frog in the family Myobatrachidae.
  • The municipality's arms might in English heraldic language be described thus: Azure on ground Or Saint Michael with wings erect proper with nimbus of the second slaying a dragon gules at his feet with a lance of the second, surmounting the whole in base an inescutcheon party per fess chequy of fifteen azure and Or and vert two hoes in saltire argent.
  • The municipality’s arms might be described thus: Sable in base two inescutcheons in fess leaning against each other, on the dexter gules Saint John with a nimbus, on his dexter arm a lamb argent, on the sinister bendy lozengy sinister argent and azure, upon both inescutcheons a lion passant Or langued and crowned of the second.
  • "Nimbo-" is from the Latin word "nimbus", which denotes cloud or halo.
  • This statue is the only stone Buddha with a nimbus at Unjusa.
  • The statue gazes toward the Sea of Japan with a gentle smile and beautiful nimbus in which luxurious lotuses and flames are carved.
  • "Cnemaspis nimbus" is a species of diurnal, rock-dwelling, insectivorous gecko endemic to India.
  • His book is not a source in which to check particular facts, but as Goethe wrote: "All of the nimbus, all of the illusions, with which journalists and historians have surrounded Napoleon, vanishes before the awe-inspiring realisms of this book…".
  • Her name means nimbus. The ship played a minor role in the Spanish Civil War of 1936–1937, supporting the Nationalists.
  • He was depicted with a solar nimbus and styled "lord of the spring".
  • The album cover depicts a faceless android with right hand raised in benediction, donning flowing kasaya and war bonnet against a nimbus of blinkenlights.
  • Both his body and semi-circular nimbus are placed at angles which rise outwards and above the level of the cross.
  • It was in the demonstration park of the 1955 Kelvin Hall show that the Nimbus was unveiled and Buses Illustrated's Scottish Columnist wondered why a firm whose motto was "Sure as the Sunrise" had named a vehicle after a raincloud, going on to say that given its emission of black smoke on starting that perhaps it was a cumulo-nimbus.
  • "Stethomyia" is a subgenus of the mosquito genus "Anopheles". The type species is "Anopheles nimbus". There are five species in this subgenus.
  • The Celtic cross is a form of Christian cross featuring a nimbus or ring that emerged in Ireland, France and Great Britain in the Early Middle Ages.
  • In the circular form the nimbus constitutes a natural and even primitive use of the idea of a crown, [...] modified by an equally simple idea of the emanation of light from the head of a superior being, or by the meteorological phenomenon of a halo.
  • The municipality’s arms might be described thus: Per fess abased, argent Saint Peter of the field clad in azure with nimbus, in his hand dexter a staff bendwise, in his hand sinister a key reversed plaewise [...] Or, and Or an eagle displayed sable armed, langued and beaked gules.
  • The flaming nimbus or halo is known by the name "karura flame" and typically seen adorning behind the statue of the [...]).
  • At the time of the accident, there was cumulo-nimbus cloud cover at an altitude of [...] with cloud tops of [...] and a visibility of [...].
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