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ADJ   wasted | more wasted | most wasted
VERB   to waste | wasted | wasted
wasting | wastes
SYNO atrophied | bony | cadaverous | ...
wasted {adj} {past-p}promarněný
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Translation for 'wasted' from English to Czech

wasted {adj} {past-p}
Usage Examples English
  • The term "thirteen wasted years" was coined by Wilson as a slogan for the 1964 general election, in reference to what he claimed were thirteen wasted years of Conservative government.
  • January 17, 2019 — Second Harvest releases The Avoidable Crisis of Food Waste, a world-first report co-authored Value Chain Management International, identifying the amount of food that is lost and wasted across the Canadian supply chain and the approximately 30 root causes of food loss and waste and over 100 solutions to limit the amount lost and wasted.
  • As gerrymandering relies on the wasted-vote effect, the use of a different voting system with fewer wasted votes can help reduce gerrymandering.
  • , or about 70%, is wasted via flaring. Statistical data associated with gas flaring is notoriously unreliable, but AG wasted during flaring is estimated to cost Nigeria US$2.5 billion on a yearly basis.
  • Another cost advantage with rotational molding is the minimal amount of material wasted in production.
  • A majority of votes are always wasted (in the wider sense) in a single-seat plurality election, unless there are exactly two candidates and the margin of victory is exactly one vote.
  • It can also be noted that all depictions of beauty in the novel include an element of sadness: loneliness in the beauty of nature, sadness in Yoko's beautiful voice, wasted beauty of Komako, as well as the wasted effort in an act of love.
  • If we miss this opportunity we will all pay the price in wasted time, wasted money and the wasted lives of both humans and animals.
  • It identifies, reports and financially values sustainable time, wasted time and effective time within an organization and develops the business case to convert wasted time into productive time through the funding of products, services, projects or initiatives as a positive return on investment.
  • There were several occasions to attack, but they all were wasted for various reasons, along with wasted torpedoes which resulted in heavy criticism of Captain Ricci and his apparent lack of expertise.
  • One benefit of net metering is that power is never wasted.
  • Safetica can also identify wasted costs connected with low work productivity or ineffective use of software licenses or wasted print.
  • For the business owner, the consequences of this arms race are that most of the money that is spent on predictive marketing will be wasted because, like all advertisements, they will be ignored.
  • People thought they bought $180 worth of food per week in their grocery shop and they estimated they wasted 12%.
  • The procedure is similar in a civil case, with the exception that the legal representative can try and prove that the costs were not "wasted", and that the order to pay wasted costs must be made within six months of the case.
  • In medicine, split hand syndrome is a neurological syndrome in which the hand muscles on the side of the (lateral, thenar eminence) appear wasted, whereas the muscles on the side of the little finger (medial, hypothenar eminence) are spared.
  • The power wasted in standby must go somewhere; it is dissipated as heat.
  • Ignition systems that fire a plug in a cylinder on its exhaust stroke are referred to as a wasted spark ignition system; as the spark ignites nothing and so is 'wasted'.
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