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adjective <adj>
adjektiv {n} <adj.>
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Translation for 'Adj' from English to Danish

adjective <adj>
adjektiv {n} <adj.>ling.
Usage Examples English
  • Rear: single shock w/7-way preload adj.
  • "Cronobacter universalis" ('lis) is L. masc. adj. "universalis", of or belonging to all or universal.
  • The Welsh word "cyfarwydd" can mean either "familiar" (adj.) or "a story-teller, guide or expert" (noun). "Cefn" means "ridge".
  • N.L. neut. adj. "aubagnense", pertaining to Aubagne, the city from where the first patient originated.
  • Blaikie derives from "blaik" (adj.), a word in the Scots language meaning black, plus the common Scots diminutive suffix "-ie".
  • These fractures allowed the development of sub-glacial rivers (adj. ...
  • The name of the Gutes in Old West Norse is "Gotar (adj. ...
  • "Yersinia similis", L. fem. adj. similis, similar, resembling, as the strains are similar to those of "Yersinia pseudotuberculosis".
  • Microbivory (adj. microbivorous, microbivore) is a feeding behavior consisting of eating microbes (especially bacteria) practiced by animals of the mesofauna, microfauna and meiofauna.
  • The lore (adj. loreal) is the region between the eyes and nostrils of birds, reptiles, and amphibians.
  • Similar to Signature Model, except is available in 12 cals. between .22-250 Rem. and .350 Rem. Mag., hand bedded fiberglass stock, adj. trigger, 26 in. heavily contoured barrel.
  • The Nysa family (adj. "Nysian"; FIN: 405) is part of the Nysa–Polana complex, the largest cluster of asteroid families in the asteroid belt.
  • It corresponds to the unstressed Latin adjectival suffix "-ĕus" and does not derive from Greek.
  • Alveolus ([...]; pl. alveoli, adj. alveolar) is a general anatomical term for a concave cavity or pit.
  • In Slavistic transcription, Ь and Ъ are used to denote Proto-Slavic extra-short sounds [...] and [...] respectively (slověnьskъ "adj". 'Slavonic'), like Old Slavonic orthography.
  • The Latin archdiocese was nominally restored in 1933 as Catholic Metropolitan titular archbishopric ([...] , adj. "Neopatrensis"; Curiate Italian: "Neopatrasso").
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