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night skynattehimmel {fk}
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Translation for 'night sky' from English to Danish

night sky
nattehimmel {fk}
Usage Examples English
  • Bayer's atlas included twelve new constellations invented a few years earlier to fill in the far south of the night sky, which was unknown to ancient Greece and Rome.
  • The Earth's night sky is illuminated by diffuse light, called airglow, that is produced by radiative transitions of atoms and molecules.
  • It is the brightest star in the constellation and the third-brightest in the night sky, outshone only by Sirius and Canopus.
  • or counterglow is a faintly bright spot in the night sky centered at the antisolar point.
  • Greek philosopher Democritus (450–370 BCE) proposed that the bright band on the night sky known as the Milky Way might consist of distant stars.
  • It is the 41st largest constellation in the night-sky, occupying an area of 398 square degrees.
  • is a constellation of stars that are visible in the night sky.
  • Messier's occupation as a comet hunter led him to continually come across fixed diffuse objects in the night sky which could be mistaken for comets.
  • RU Camelopardalis is one of the brighter Type II Cepheids visible in the night sky.
  • ith truly royal pomp a catafalque was erected in the Chiesa de Padrini Minori de Frari, decorated all in mourning, but surrounded with so many candles that the church resembled a night sky luminous with stars".
  • When Batman is needed, the Gotham City police activate a searchlight with a bat-shaped insignia over the lens called the Bat-Signal, which shines into the night sky, creating a bat-symbol on a passing cloud which can be seen from any point in Gotham.
  • 95, making it (typically) the fourteenth-brightest star in the night sky.
  • It is on average the fifteenth-brightest star in the night sky.
  • 05, it is the third-brightest of the individual stars in the night sky, and the brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere.
  • The National Park Service Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division has measured night sky quality in national park units across the U.S.
  • one of the brightest stars in the night sky and the most distant first-magnitude star [...] as its "tail star" and one corner of the Summer Triangle the constellation forming an east pointing altitude of the tringle.
  • The brightest stars in the night sky were said to be of first magnitude ([...] = 1), whereas the faintest were of sixth magnitude ([...] = 6), which is the limit of human visual perception (without the aid of a telescope).
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