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NOUN1   water | -
NOUN2   a water | waters
VERB   to water | watered | watered
watering | waters
to water [e.g. plants, livestock]at vande
watervand {n} [væske]
watervand {fk} [flaske med vand]
2 Words: Others
water-based {adj}vandbaseret
water-cooled {adj}
2 Words: Nouns
boiling waterkogende vand {n}
brackish waterbrakvand {n}
cold waterkoldt vand {n}
drinking waterdrikkevand {n}
fresh waterferskvand {n}
hot watervarmt vand {n}
mineral watermineralvand {n}
running water
rindende vand {n}
salt watersaltvand {n}
spring waterkildevand {n}
still watervand uden kulsyre
still water
vand {n} uden brus
surface wateroverfladevand {n}
tap waterpostevand {n}
waste waterspildevand {n}
water damagevandskade {fk}
water pipevandrør {n}
water ski
vandski {fk}
water skiing
vandskiløb {n}
water tower
vandtårn {n}
water vapor [Am.]vanddamp {fk}
water vapour [Br.]vanddamp {fk}
water wheelvandhjul {n}
4 Words: Others
a glass of wateret glas vand
5+ Words: Others
Blood is thicker than water.
Blod er tykkere end vand.
You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him / it drink.
Man kan tvinge hesten til truget, men man kan ikke tvinge den til at drikke.
5+ Words: Verbs
to throw the baby out with the bath water / bathwater
at smide / kaste / hælde barnet ud med badevandet
Taxa/Species (Animals, Plants, Fungi)
(water) calla [Calla palustris]
kærmysse {fk}
fringed water lily [Nymphoides peltata]
søblad {fk}
water boa [Eunectes murinus]
stor anakonda {fk}
water boa [Eunectes murinus]
grøn anakonda {fk}
water lily
åkande {fk}
water pipit [Anthus spinoletta]
bjergpiber {fk}
water rail [Rallus aquaticus]
vandrikse {fk}
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Translation for 'water' from English to Danish

to water [e.g. plants, livestock]
at vande

vand {n} [væske]

vand {fk} [flaske med vand]

water-based {adj}
water-cooled {adj}

boiling water
kogende vand {n}
brackish water
brakvand {n}
cold water
koldt vand {n}
drinking water
drikkevand {n}
fresh water
ferskvand {n}
hot water
varmt vand {n}
mineral water
mineralvand {n}
running water
unverified rindende vand {n}ejend.
salt water
saltvand {n}
spring water
kildevand {n}
still water
vand uden kulsyre

vand {n} uden brusgastr.
surface water
overfladevand {n}
tap water
postevand {n}
waste water
spildevand {n}
water damage
vandskade {fk}
water pipe
vandrør {n}
water ski
vandski {fk}sport
water skiing
vandskiløb {n}sport
water tower
vandtårn {n}arki.
water vapor [Am.]
vanddamp {fk}
water vapour [Br.]
vanddamp {fk}
water wheel
vandhjul {n}

a glass of water
et glas vand

Blood is thicker than water.
Blod er tykkere end vand.ordsp.
You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him / it drink.
Man kan tvinge hesten til truget, men man kan ikke tvinge den til at drikke.ordsp.

to throw the baby out with the bath water / bathwater
at smide / kaste / hælde barnet ud med badevandettalem.

(water) calla [Calla palustris]
kærmysse {fk}bot.T
fringed water lily [Nymphoides peltata]
søblad {fk}bot.T
water boa [Eunectes murinus]
stor anakonda {fk}zool.T

grøn anakonda {fk}zool.T
water lily
åkande {fk}bot.T
water pipit [Anthus spinoletta]
bjergpiber {fk}orn.T
water rail [Rallus aquaticus]
vandrikse {fk}orn.T
Usage Examples English
  • Cost-effective minimum water network is a holistic framework for water conservation which considers all conceivable methods to save water based on the water management hierarchy.
  • Water services are provided by one of three water systems that serve various parts of Woodfin: Woodfin Water District, Asheville Water Authority, and Weaverville Water Department.
  • This broad has diverse fauna and flora. Water plants include mare's-tail, water violet, blunt-leaved pondweed, spiked water-milfoil, floating scirpus, yellow water-lily and the nationally scarce water soldier.
  • There are three existing Level 3 water supply systems that provide potable water, namely: Nabua Water District, Duran Water System, and Sagumay Water System.
  • Bottled water is regulated by the FDA as a food. The Agency has published identity standards for types of water (mineral water, spring water), and regulations covering water processing and bottling, water quality and product labeling.
  • Melbourne Water supplies water to the metropolitan retail water businesses (namely, City West Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water), other water authorities, local councils and the land development industry.
  • A water sprite (also called a water fairy or water faery) is a general term for an elemental spirit associated with water, according to alchemist Paracelsus.
  • Three water companies — Suez Water Pennsylvania, American Water, and the Lebanon Water Authority — draw drinking water for hundreds of thousands of residents of the Swatara watershed.
  • This is a list of water-related charities - charitable organizations working around the world on problems related to water provision, water sanitation, water quality, access to water, and related topics.
  • Canned water is drinking water, including spring water, artesian spring water, purified water, carbonated water and mineral water, packaged in beverage cans made of aluminium or tin-plated steel.
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