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py- {prefix} [meaning pus]
Pyo- [auch: pyo-] [Wortelement mit der Bedeutung Eiter]
Paraguay <.py>
Paraguay {n}
pack year <py, PY>
Packungs­jahr {n} [bei Nikotinabusus]
pack year <py, PY>
Schachteljahr {n} [Packungs­jahr im Zusammenhang mit Nikotinabusus]
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  • An example of a server-side terminal emulator is terminal.py.
  • This release of the software, now named CitComS.py, is essentially the product of those reengineering efforts.
  • For example, using the module "multimethod.py" and also with the module "multimethods.py" which provides CLOS-style multimethods for Python without changing the underlying syntax or keywords of the language.
  • Using the design ideas implemented in Metamath, Raph Levien has implemented very small proof checker, "mmverify.py", at only 500 lines of Python code.
  • The SQL grammar is described in grammar.py, the binding of the grammar constructs to semantic objects is performed in bindings.py, the semantic objects and their execution strategies is defined in semantics.py.
  • Asymptote is also notable for having a graphical interface coded in Python (and the Tk widget set), xasy.py — this allows an inexperienced user to quickly draw up objects and save them as .asy source code which can then be examined or edited by hand.
  • Jam.py is a Low-code development platform for database-driven business web applications, based on DRY principle, with emphasis on CRUD.
  • Python Mode for Processing, or Processing.py is a Python interface to the underlying Java toolkit.
  • com.py and a radio that is transmitted over the internet, all belonging to the Multimedia group, of former President Juan Carlos Wasmosy.
  • Alternatively, the layout (here, Box Layout) and the buttons can be loaded directly in the main.py file.
  • Furthermore, on top of the DOM.py model library is an additional abstraction layer, ui.py, which provides the most useful layer to web developers: a full suite of widgets with which desktop application developers will be familiar.
  • .py is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Paraguay.
  • In MicroPython, files ending with .py take preference over other library aliases which allows users to extend the use and implementation of the existing libraries.
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