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A-1 silkreale Seide {f}
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Übersetzung für 'A 1 silk' von Englisch nach Deutsch

A-1 silk
reale Seide {f}
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  • A similar crimson silk net sash is worn around the waist by officers of the Foot Guards in scarlet full dress and officers of line infantry in dark blue "Number 1" dress.
  • Silkworm silk was used as the standard for the denier, a measurement of linear density in fibers. Silkworm silk therefore has a linear density of approximately 1 den, or 1.1 dtex.
  • On 1 July 1858 the green sheet was replaced by a green silk ribbon and shortly afterwards by a green linen tape.
  • Sun Quan then rewarded Gan Ning with 1,000 rolls of silk and 100 swords.
  • The SILK Expressway starts in Serdang, which then runs through Balakong and then forms a beltway around downtown Kajang before ending near Bandar Baru Bangi.
  • Since it is situated right in between of Europe and Asia, the country is supposed to become a busy transitional hub of a modern Silk Road in the near future.
  • In the past, it contained a silk mill and a coal mining industry.
  • In 1940, Golaski developed a process for rebuilding hosiery machines to enable the knitting industry to make the switch from silk to nylon.
  • The Prime Minister and other officials have suggested that the Marmaray will help to create a modern "Iron Silk Road" by allowing freight trains to travel between Europe and China.
  • He was a silk weaver, the co-founder with Francis Sheehy-Skeffington of the Socialist Party of Ireland, and was second-in-command of the Irish Citizen Army under James Connolly in the Easter Rising, in which he commanded the garrison at St.
  • During the Meiji period, Tōno developed a silk and cotton weaving industry dependent on Morioka.
  • Its six strings, which are made of twisted silk passed through its back plate.
  • Many people wear light-colored Ecuadorian hats with linen or silk summer clothes in the summer.
  • The fluid contains both venom and spider silk in liquid form, though it is produced in venom glands in the chelicerae.
  • The ultimate tensile strength and other physical properties of "Latrodectus hesperus" (western black widow) silk are similar to the properties of silk from orb-weaving spiders that had been tested in other studies.
  • More technically, CBI was the first experiment to detect intrinsic anisotropy in the microwave background on mass scales of galaxy clusters; it provided the first detection of the Silk damping tail; it found a hint of excess power at high-l multipoles (CBI-excess) than expected from the ΛCDM model; and it detected fluctuations in the polarization of the microwave background obtaining the first detailed E-mode polarization spectrum providing evidence that it is out of phase with the total intensity mode spectrum.
  • This left the branch with three sections (Silk Mills to Williton; Williton to Dunster; Dunster to Minehead) but still required seven staff per shift as there were three signal boxes and four level crossings.
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