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NOUN   an ad | ads
ads [coll.]Werbungen {pl} [ugs.] [Werbeanzeigen; Werbespots]
ads [coll.]
Anzeigen {pl}
ads [coll.]
Werbespots {pl}
2 Wörter
classified ads [short for: classified advertisements]
Kleinanzeigen {pl}
personalised ads [short for: personalised advertisements] [Br.]personalisierte Werbung {f}
personalized ads [short for: personalized advertisements]personalisierte Werbung {f}
small ads [coll.]
Kleinanzeigen {pl}
want ads [Am.] [coll.]
Suchanzeigen {pl}
3 Wörter
free of ads {adj} [postpos.]werbefrei
free of ads {adj} [postpos.]ohne Werbung [nachgestellt]
with no ads {adj} [postpos.]
to zap the ads [Am.] [coll.] (die) Werbung unterdrücken [bei aufgezeichneten Fernsehsendungen]
alternate data streams <ADS>
alternative Datenströme {pl} <ADS>
anatomical dead space <ADS>
anatomischer Totraum {m} <AT>
approved dosimetric service <ADS> [EUR 17538]
zugelassene Dosismessstelle {f} [EUR 17538]
classified ads section
Anzeigenmarkt {m}
4 Wörter
automatic disconnection of supply <ADS> [IEV number 195-04-10]
automatische Abschaltung {f} der Stromversorgung [IEC 60050]
5+ Wörter
to place ads in a magazine [coll.]
Anzeigen in einer Zeitschrift schalten
anti-de-Sitter / anti-de Sitter / anti de Sitter space <AdS space>
Anti-de-Sitter-Raum {m} <AdS-Raum>
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  • The Broadcast Code of Advertising Practice requires that TV ads are tested and pass the 'flash test'.
  • In reality, the Stablehorn character is actually meant to promote the ads.
  • These type of ads became known colloquially as "issue ads".
  • Microsoft Ads allows advertisers to target their ads by restricting their ads to a given set of demographics and by increasing their bids whenever the ad is seen by a user of a certain demographic.
  • This display ads format falls into its own category because unlike banner ads which are quite distinguishable, News Feed Ads' format blends well into non-paid news updates.
  • In 2019, Osmow's launched ads featuring NBA Toronto Raptors players Fred VanVleet and Norm Powell.
  • Job ads aggregator - also known as search engine for job ads - is a website that aggregates job ads from various job boards, multiposter sites, as well as from direct employers and employment agencies.
  • Televised attack ads rose to prominence in the United States in the 1960s, especially since Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations require over-the-air commercial TV stations with licenses issued by the FCC—effectively all regulated TV stations, since others would either be public television or be pirated—to air political ads by both parties, whether it be attack ads or more traditional political ads.
  • The Recycler changed the economics model of private party classified ads: Instead of charging the advertisers to place ads, the Recycler ran the bulk of its classified ads for free, and charged buyers of the newspaper.
  • Another example is when advertisers pay for lightbox ads (a type of expandable ad that can expand to a very large size) on a CPE basis, which means that publishers generate earnings from lightbox ads when users choose to engage with the ads, e.g., by hovering over them for two seconds to expand the ads.
  • In late March 2016, Facebook announced that native ads and video ads would soon be allowed in Instant Articles.
  • It has had ads from print ads to ads at the Tour de France, and Olympics in recent years.
  • These ads might show up as banner ads, pay per click ads, social network ads and other revenue generators through ad networks and affiliate marketing.
  • Beginning in 1990, new versions of the ads were produced for the American market, where Gold Blend was called "Taster's Choice", and the ads were referred to as the "Taster's Choice saga".
  • Platige was behind many popular Polish commercials, including the “Orange World” series, the ads for Tesco and the Biedronka discount supermarket chain, the ads featuring the Heart and Mind characters, as well as the ads for the Żubr beer brand.
  • He can be seen appearing in Old Navy television ads. Some of his other commercial appearances include ads for Exxon, Sony and Abracat.com.
  • On September 11, 2009, the Vonage ads that were originally approved switched to Personal Antivirus ads.
  • Super Bowl ads and spots cost far more than regular ads.
  • These ads are shown in a variety of web sizes with the most common being a medium rectangle (300px x 250px) and a leaderboard (728px x 90px).
  • The IAB's ads.txt specification dictates the formatting of ads.txt files, which can contain three types of record; data records, variables and comments.
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