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Abasinisch {n}
Abazins / Abaza / Asuwa
Abasinen / Abaza {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Abaza' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Abasinisch {n}ling.

Abazins / Abaza / Asuwa
Abasinen / Abaza {pl}ethn.
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  • Abazgi is the branch of the Northwest Caucasian languages that contains the Abaza and Abkhaz languages. "Abazgi" was once the preferred designation, but has now been replaced by "Abkhaz–Abaza".
  • The family is known for their contributions to modern Arabic literature through the works of Aziz Pasha Abaza and Tharwat Abaza, as well as the journalism and political activism of Fekry Pasha Abaza.
  • The village of Abaza-Khablin was established in 1928 by settlers from the village of Elburgan.
  • Jan Abaza and Viktorija Golubic were the defending champions, but Golubic chose not to participate. Abaza partnered Alyona Sotnikova, but they lost in the quarterfinals.
  • Jan Abaza and Melanie Oudin were the defending champions, but Oudin chose not to compete. Abaza partnered Amra Sadiković, but they lost in the first round to Tamira Paszek and Anna Tatishvili.
  • Jan Abaza and Louisa Chirico were the defending champions, having won the event in 2013, but Chirico chose not to participate.
  • Proto-Abkhaz-Abaza (or Proto-Abazgi) is the reconstructed common ancestor of the Abkhaz and Abaza languages.
  • "Abazashta" (Abaza: Абазашта) is the only newspaper (and mass medium in general) published in the Abaza language in the Karachay–Cherkess Republic of the Russian Federation.
  • Other major highways include the regional highway A161 south from R-257 in Abakan along the Abakan valley to Abaza and across the mountains to Ak-Dovurak (Tuva).
  • Andrii Abaza (1634–1703), a Ukrainian colonel in the Bratslav Regiment and leader of the Cossack formations in Right-Bank Ukraine.
  • In 1929, the village of Yegibokovsky was officially renamed Abazakt by a decree of the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee.
  • Alexander Nikolayevich Abaza ([...]; 4 August 1872 [...] – 6 November 1925) was a Russian diplomat who served as the last Russian consul-general in Australia before the October Revolution of 1917, which brought the Bolsheviks to power.
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