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NOUN   an affront | affronts
VERB   to affront | affronted | affronted
affronting | affronts
SYNO affront | insult | to affront | ...
to affrontbeleidigen
to affront sb.jdn. angreifen [beleidigen]
to affrontbeschimpfen
to affront sb.jdm. trotzen
to affrontdas Gesicht zuwenden
to affront sb.jdn. affrontieren [veraltet]
to affront sb./sth.jdm./etw. die Stirn bieten [Redewendung]
affrontBeleidigung {f}
affrontAffront {m} [geh.]
affrontZurücksetzung {f}
affrontKränkung {f} der Ehre
2 Wörter
to affront dangersGefahren trotzen
to affront dangersGefahren die Stirn bieten
4 Wörter
to consider as an affrontals Beleidigung auffassen
to offer an affront to sb.jdm. einen Schimpf antun [veraltet]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Lieutenant General Walter Krueger, commander of the Sixth Army offered to make Byers an assistant division commander. When Byers refused the offer, Krueger took this as a personal affront.
  • After the January 6 United States Capitol attack that attempted to overturn Trump's defeat, Kucinich denounced the storming as "an affront to the U.S. Constitution".
  • After long negotiations he was transferred to Atlético Nacional in January 2010, coming as a key part to help the team that Ramon Cabrero will use to affront the challenges.
  • The film was raised at Prime Minister's Question Time where Tony Blair agreed with questioner Brian Jenkins MP that the film was "an affront" to British sailors.
  • The character was described as "a studied affront" to existing "Doctor Who" texts along with a 2009 Christmas special.
  • an affront to a civilised society".
  • Grace and Alberta's latest affront to Luisa and her plans for the foundation angers Anton. Meanwhile, the Maniego family's chaotic setup makes Elena rethink her decision to return Budoy to them.
  • In private Schwarzman called January 6 United States Capitol attack an “insurrection” and “an affront to the democratic values we hold dear".
  • The clearing of demonstrators from Lafayette Square was widely condemned as excessive and an affront to the First Amendment right to freedom of assembly.
  • A short film produced in 2017 on the life of Monique Richard, "L'affront des cimes", relates this accident and the impact it had on Monique Richard.
  • The video of "Deutschland", released in 2019, sparked further controversy, as it portrays black German actress Ruby Commey appearing as Germania, which has been described as "a calculated affront to German nationalists".
  • Efilmcritic.com's 2001 review of the film was especially biting, calling it "an affront to film making".
  • The move drew criticism from many Twitter users who said the move was an affront to free speech.
  • "Iniuria" ("outrage", "contumely") was a delict in Roman law for the outrage, or affront, caused by contumelious action (whether in the form of words or deeds) taken against another person.
  • This is seen as both revolutionary (by her classmates) and an affront to Punjabi society and tradition.
  • In November 2006 Sagir Muhammed described the impeachment of Plateau State Governor Chibi Joshua Dariye as an affront.
  • He tried to make chairmanship of the council of Obas in Edo State a rotational position, an affront to the king of the ancient Benin Kingdom.
  • Unable to endure such an affront, the god Dionysus casts a spell over the young king and leads him into the mountains, where he is ultimately torn limb from limb by the ecstatic worshippers, whose number now includes Pentheus' own mother, Agave.
  • The intelligentsia of the Rhineland saw the suppression of the newspaper as a personal affront and a delegation was sent to Berlin in an attempt to forestall the paper's final closure.
  • The Ahom community in Assam consider the excavation as an affront to their tradition, because the [...] are associated with the Ahom ancestor worship and the festival of Me-Dam-Me-Phi.
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