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NOUN   an afghani | afghanis
SYNO Afghan | Afghani | Afghanistani | ...
afghani <؋, AFN>
Afghani {m} <؋, AFN>
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Übersetzung für 'Afghani' von Englisch nach Deutsch

afghani <؋, AFN>
Afghani {m} <؋, AFN>curr.
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  • The national currency of Afghanistan is the afghani (AFN), which has an exchange rate of around 88 afghanis to 1 US dollar.
  • While in Istanbul in 1895, Al-Afghani was visited by a Persian ex-prisoner, Mirza Reza Kermani (who had been a servant and disciple of Al-Afghani), and together they planned the assassination of the Shah, Naser-al-Din.
  • Many were optimistic with this decision including an-Nadeem, the military officers, and al-Afghani.
  • Afterwards, Al-Harbi lived in hiding along the Iranian-Afghani border.
  • Mohammad Hashim Aslami is an Afghani agriculturist who was instrumental in growing the country's saffron crop from a $100 grant in 1998 to a $25 million export industry in 2019, despite the wars that engulfed his country during that time.
  • forces struck a training camp south of Kismayo, which supposedly resulted in the death of senior al Shabaab leader, Ibrahim al-Afghani.
  • While Afghani was an advocate of revolution from above, his student 'Abduh (who was also a Freemason) believed in revolution from below, through religious and educational reforms.
  • During the development of the screenplay, screenwriter Anita Doron worked together with the American-Afghan artist Aman Mojadidi, to balance an Afghani perspective with a global perspective to capture the universal tone of the film.
  • Nowzad or Nawzad or Nauzad or Nozad (Persian/Afghani: نوزاد) is a Persian and Afghani word meaning "newborn." It is also a city name and surname.
  • Sayed Jamaluddin Afghani University-Kunar (...) is a public university in Asadabad, capital of eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan.
  • There are 20 boxes containing prizes from 1 Afghani to 1,000,000 Afghani (about US$12,800). There have been three top prize winners.
  • "Opostega afghani" is a moth of the family Opostegidae. It was described by Donald R. Davis in 1989. It is known from Afghanistan.
  • Allama Syed Shamsul Haq Afghani (born; 8 January 1901 – 16 August 1983) (Urdu: علامہ سیّد شمس الحق افغانی;(SI)) was an afghani Islamic scholar and former President of Wifaq ul Madaris Al-Arabia, Pakistan from 19 October 1959 – 12 January 1963.
  • Till 1925, the currency of Afghanistan was Afghan rupee which was subdivided into paisa.
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