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NOUN   an Afrikaner | Afrikaners
SYNO Afrikaans | Afrikander | Afrikaner | ...
AfrikanerKapholländer {m}
AfrikanerAfrikaander {m} [Afrikaanssprechender]
Afrikander {m}
Afrikaner [female]Afrikaanderin {f}
Afrikaner [female]
Afrikanderin {f}
marsh Afrikaner [Gladiolus tristis]
Eintönige Gladiole {f}
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  • By the 1960s, Afrikaner writers and poets had gone from being widely revered to being regularly condemned by politicians and from the pulpits of Afrikaner Calvinist dominees.
  • When Jonker Afrikaner died, he was succeeded by Christian Afrikaner.
  • The Afrikaner Resistance Movement ("Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging", AWB), a Boer-nationalist, neo-Nazi, and white supremacist movement in South Africa, used the number 777 as part of their emblem.
  • In 2011, he made public that he supports the Afrikaner advocacy group "Expedition for Afrikaner Self-Determination" (Onafhanklike Afrikaner Selfbeskikkingsekspedisie, OASE).
  • After Zimbabwe's independence in 1980, much of the country's Afrikaner population emigrated, almost exclusively to South Africa.
  • He was chairman of the Afrikaner Broederbond, a white, male Afrikaner secret organization from 1984 until 1994, when Tom de Beer took over from him.
  • After the end of apartheid, some Afrikaner nationalist organizations, including Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, started to promote the idea of a "Volkstaat" that would be established in the Western Cape region.
  • One result of the failed confederation attempt was the new political and racial consciousness of the Cape’s Afrikaner population, and the rise of the Afrikaner Bond.
  • During the rupture of the Afrikaner Volksfront the more moderate Volkstaters left the Afrikaner Volksfront and established the Freedom Front.
  • Johanna Catharina Cornelius (February 27, 1912 – June 21, 1974) was an Afrikaner activist and trade unionist.
  • It initially was Afrikaner-centred and conservative.
  • The 10 Ora note depicts Afrikaner history, the 20 Ora notes Afrikaner art; the 50 Ora notes Afrikaner culture; and the 100 Ora note Orania itself.
  • There are two varieties of Afrikaner sheep; the Namaqua Afrikaner and the Ronderib Afrikaner. The long, fat tail is an energy store which helps them survive long dry seasons.
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