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agogo [also: agogô]
Agogô {m} [Perkussion]
agogo bell
Agogo Bell {f} [Perkussion]
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  • The Agogô (also called ga, gankogui, gongue) is a variety of bell used in afro-Caribbean music, they can include single, double or multi-headed bells that are attached to a metal handle.
  • Apala is a style of vocal and percussive Muslim Yoruba music. It emerged in the late 1930s as a means of rousing worshippers after the fasting of Ramadan. Under the influence of popular Afro-Cuban percussion, apala developed into a more polished style and attracted a large audience. The music required two or three talking drums ("omele"), a rattle ("sekere"), thumb piano ("agidigbo") and a bell ("agogo"). Haruna Ishola was the most famous apala performer, and he later played an integral role in bringing apala to larger audiences as a part of fuji music.
  • A bell known as agogo is used for religious reasons in addition to the percussion bell. It features a tongue and a clapper that are used to generate noise by striking the metallic body. Pentecostal congregations utilize it as a type of musical instrument and for prayer. The importance of agogo is the same everywhere in the world.
  • With Tippy Agogo et al.
  • Amakye Dede was installed as a sub-Chief at Agogo in the Asante Akim traditional area.
  • Kofi B attended Agogo State College in the Ashanti Region, but dropped out prematurely due to financial difficulties.
  • Nana Kwame Akuoko Sarpong was born on 11 August 1938 at Agogo, Ashanti Region, Ghana.
  • Dadakuada is very rich in beats which are derived from traditional instruments like talking drum, bata, gangan and agogo.
  • Rebecca Ayoko (born in Agogo around 1960) is an international catwalk model from Togo.
  • Of McMullin's three short films "Sinaela" has received the most acclaim, and has been shown at film festivals internationally including Australia and New Zealand. It was filmed on a hand held camera in American Samoa, and draws on the fairy tale Cinderella as well as a Samoan proverbial tale (a fa'agogo). Since "Sinaela," McMullin also made the films "ULA: The Garland" which was shown in 2011 in New Zealand at the Pacific Art Summit as a work in progress, and "100 Tikis", a short film on the theme of cultural appropriation.
  • "Agogo" is a rarities album by KMFDM. "Agogo" comprises numerous tracks either previously unreleased, released on other compilations, or otherwise not widely available.
  • The Presbyterian Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Agogo, formerly Presbyterian Nurses' Training College is a public tertiary health institution located in Agogo Ashanti Akim in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It was established by the Swiss missionaries in March 1935 in order to train nurses for the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital. The Hospital and the Nursing/Midwifery training college are all under the Presbyterian Health services. The Presbyterian Health services is also under the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG). CHAG is an association of Christian Churches that have established hospitals and or medical training institutions.
  • Many aspects of African drumming, most notably time-keeping, stem from instruments such as shakers made of woven baskets or gourds or the double bell, made of iron and creating two different tones. Each region of Africa has developed a different style of double bell but the basic technology of bell-making is the same all over the continent, as is often the bell's role as time keeper. The South American agogo is probably a descendant from these African bells. Other idiophones include the Udu and the slit drum or log drum.
  • Trasharama A-Go-Go is promoted as "Australia's NASTIEST Short Film FESTERval". Although no festival was held in 2010, the festival returned the following year. Since 2015 the Trasharama agogo film festival has held its annual premiere in conjunction with Melbourne's Monster Fest .
  • Chak Ngaeo or Ban Chak Ngaeo (or spelled: "Chakngeaw"; [...]; lit: "Chak Ngaeo Village"; [...]; pinyin: "Chá gé") is a community and village located in Tambon Huai Yai, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, eastern Thailand. It is a community of Thai Chinese who still maintain the traditional lifestyle similar to Talad Noi in Bangkok. Even though it is located less than 10 kilometers (6.21 mi) from Pattaya, where Pattaya is a world-class tourist destination filled with pubs, bars or liquor stores includes agogo bars and many Western tourists.
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