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NOUN   Augeas | -
Augias {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Augeas' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Augias {m}myth.
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  • It was named after Augeas from Greek mythology.
  • Pausanias mentions a painting of him wounded in the arm by a Trojan, Admetes the son of Augeas.
  • According to Pausanias, Amarynceus had been of great service to Augeas against Heracles, in return for which Augeas shared his throne with him.
  • In Greek mythology, Nausidame was the daughter of Amphidamas. She consorted with Helius and became mother of Augeas, king of Elis.
  • Both brothers went on expeditions of war to the Neleus and the Pylians, and later led an army marching against their uncle Augeas at the behest of Heracles.
  • Augeas uses programs called "lenses" (in reference to the Harmony Project) to map a filesystem to an XML tree which can then be parsed using an XPath syntax, using a bidirectional transformation.
  • Modern researchers and archaeology identified him with Polystratus, a hero of Dyme who assisted Heracles in the war against the Elean king Augeas and was killed there.
  • The question as to whether the story about the Egyptian treasury is derived from Greece, or whether the Greek story was an importation from Egypt, has been answered by modern scholars in both ways; but Müller has rendered it very probable that the tradition took its rise among the Minyans, was transferred from them to Augeas, and was known in Greece long before the reign of Psammetichus I, during which the intercourse between the two countries was opened.
  • Phyleus was the elder son of King Augeas of Elis and father of Meges by Eustyoche, Ctimene [...] , Hagnete [...] or Ctesimache.
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