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Brabant Massif
Brabanter Massiv {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Brabant Massif' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Brabant Massif
Brabanter Massiv {n}geol.
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  • It was formed during a rifting event, which began in the Late Devonian, that affected the area between the London-Brabant Massif to the south and the Highland Boundary Fault to the north.
  • Belgian paleobotanist François Stockmans described "Wattieza givetiana" in 1968 from fossil fronds collected from Middle Devonian strata in the London-Brabant Massif in Belgium.
  • The limestone found north of the Wales-London-Brabant Massif and south of the emergent Southern Uplands block is identified as a separate northern province.
  • The London-Brabant Massif underlies the land to the north.
  • The London-Brabant Massif or London-Brabant Platform is, in the tectonic structure of Europe, a structural high or massif that stretches from the Rhineland in western Germany across northern Belgium (in the province of Brabant) and the North Sea to the sites of East Anglia and the middle Thames in southern England.
  • During the Carboniferous, the relationship between the Market Weighton Axis and the London-Brabant Massif affected the weaker rocks between them so influencing the geography at the surface.
  • He saw the absence of "Cetiosaurus" on the French Armorican Massif as an indication that "Megalosaurus" too did not live on that island and was limited to the London-Brabant Massif.
  • Reconstructions of the geometry of the early fault systems in the Weald Basin reveal that for the early history of the basin a series of steep normal faults to the north were active against the London-Brabant Massif, but it is not clear whether this reflects a syn-rift origin for these rocks.
  • The northern margin of the basin was formed by a series of normal faults, against what was then an area of land, known to geologists as the London-Brabant Massif.
  • The site lies close to a postulated gap in the London-Brabant Massif through which the Boreal Sea is thought to have periodically flowed, and it is described by Natural England as "important for interpreting environmental conditions at the northwestern extremity of the Wadhurst Clay outcrop".
  • It was thrust over the foreland to the north (the London-Brabant Massif and other Avalonian terranes).
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