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cost-effectiveness study <CES, CE study>
Kosteneffektivitätsstudie {f} [auch: Kosten-Effektivitätsstudie]
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  • In the 8th century, King Trisong Detsen (755–797 CE) established it as the official religion of the state and commanded his army to wear robes and study Buddhism.
  • Subsequent to Wacholder's study, Yoram Tsafrir and Gideon Foerster published the results of archaeological excavations at Beth Shean in the Levant that verified a record from the Cairo Geniza that gave 749 CE as the year for the "Earthquake of the Sabbatical Year".
  • The origin of the "beth midrash", or "house of study", can be traced to the early rabbinic period, following the Siege of Jerusalem (70 CE) in which the destruction of the Temple took place.
  • Their most influential center of learning was at Valabhi University in Gujarat, which remained an important place for the study of Nikaya Buddhism until the 8th century CE.
  • 193. Arthur F. Ide, Martyrdom of Women: A Study of Death Psychology in the Early Christian Church to 301 CE. Garland: Tangelwuld, 1985, p. 21.
  • In a benchmarking study, TM-align has been reported to improve in both speed and accuracy over DALI and CE.
  • and Yul jong 律宗, or Vinaya in Sanskrit) school, founded by the Korean monk Gyeomik who went to India in 526 CE to learn Sanskrit and study the Vinaya, is the Korean name applied to a branch of Buddhism that specializes in the study and implementation of śīla (yuljang 律藏) the "moral discipline" or ""Buddhist ethics".
  • The study analyzed the data they obtained along with other published ancient and modern samples from Africa and West Eurasia.
  • Palissy's theories were not tested scientifically until 1674, in a study commonly attributed to Pierre Perrault.
  • Mallinson and Singleton write that the study of Yogācāra Buddhism is essential to understand yoga's early history, and its teachings influenced the "Pātañjalayogaśāstra."
  • In 1539 he relocated to Wittenberg in order to lecture and study medicine at the University of Wittenberg.
  • The study of Sanskrit Kāvya also influenced Tibetan literature, and was promoted by Tibetan Buddhist scholars like Sakya Pandita.
  • The study of the Kharosthi script was recently invigorated by the discovery of the Gandhāran Buddhist texts, a set of birch bark manuscripts written in Kharosthi, discovered near the Afghan city of Hadda just west of the Khyber Pass in Pakistan.
  • The US clinical study for federal approval is still ongoing.
  • Lokasamudra's son helped to set up a school in 1207 for the study of Bhāskara's writings.
  • At the age of nine he was sent to Paris to study as a scholarship student at the Collège des Grassins.
  • A study done by Fumi Hayano found that the right amygdala was smaller in patients who suffered from panic disorders.
  • In humans, SESI-MS non-invasive analysis of breath can help study the kinetics of drugs at a personalized level.
  • A genetic study carried out by the University of Oxford & University College London discovered separate genetic groups in Cornwall and Devon.
  • An intriguing reference which some think may be a form of marbling is found in a compilation completed in 986 CE entitled "Four Treasures of the Scholar's Study" ([...]; [...]) or edited by the 10th century scholar-official [...] (958–996 CE).
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