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Czech koruna <CZK, Kč>
Tschechische Krone {f} <CZK, Kč>
Czech koruna <CZK, Kč>
Tschechenkrone {f} <CZK, Kč> [seltener]
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  • In September 2000 the registered capital of PPF IH was decreased by 90% and CZK 1.77 billion ($45 million) was distributed among its shareholders (CZK 500 per share, meaning CZK 15,000 per voucher book).
  • Since 2017 custom ("personalized") plates have been available, against payment of a special fee of 5 000 CZK (around 222 USD) per plate, i.e for a car it would cost 10 000 CZK and for a motorcycle 5 000 CZK.
  • In 1996, an agreement was signed with the company NIKO to sell the building for 1 billion CZK, but subsequently failed to pay the agreed amount.
  • In the 15th edition of Ethnologue (2005) assigned code czk to it and said that the term "Knaanic" is used primarily for Jewish Czech, possibly also for other Jewish variants of West Slavic languages, extinct in the Middle Ages.
  • purchased from Václav Havel his 50 percent stake in a legendary dance-hall Lucerna Palace on Wenceslas Square for CZK 200 mio.
  • In 2020 this constituted a payment of CZK 7.50 per single share, considerably increasing to CZK 25 per s/s in 2021.
  • A major bridge reconstruction which started in 2017 is scheduled to be finished in 2021. The budgeted cost is 1,443 billion CZK (out of which 990 million CZK is funded by the European Union).
  • By June 2008 Gross successfully sold his 31% stake for 150 million CZK, his original purchase price was 21 million CZK.
  • Short-term tourist passes are available for periods of 24 hours (120 CZK) and 3 days (330 CZK) (1 Aug 2021).
  • The lowest amount of money they can receive in any degree of disability is CZK 770.00 (€30) per month.
  • In 2016, Red Hat Czech reported revenue of CZK 1,002 million (FY 2016), and net income of CZK 123 million (FY 2016), with assets of CZK 420 million (FY 2016)|CZK 325 million (FY 2015).
  • Palladium Praha, the company which operates the centre, announced losses of over 700 million CZK in 2008.
  • The winner receives CZK 50,000 together with a further CZK 100,000 for an exhibition, project or catalogue, and a six-week scholarship in New York.
  • In 2010 the revenues from rail network usage reached only CZK 4.3 billion, not even sufficient to cover personal expenses amounting to CZK 4.6 billion.
  • In 2021 the system was changed to electronic "time-based fee" paid online or in selected selling places with validity of 10 days (310 CZK), 1 month (440 CZK) or 365 days (1500 CZK).
  • The order is worth 17 billion CZK (about 68 million CZK per unit (2,3 million € per unit - 1€ 2005=29,6CZK)).
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