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NOUN   the Czochralski process | -
Czochralski process
Czochralski-Verfahren {n}
Czochralski process
Tiegelziehverfahren {n}
Czochralski process
Ziehen {n} aus der Schmelze
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Übersetzung für 'Czochralski process' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Czochralski process
Czochralski-Verfahren {n}chem.tech.

Tiegelziehverfahren {n}material

Ziehen {n} aus der Schmelzematerial
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Creating space-efficient solar panels requires cutting the circular wafers (a product of the cylindrical ingots formed through the Czochralski process) into octagonal cells that can be packed closely together.
  • Such crucibles are used in the Czochralski process to produce oxide single-crystals (such as sapphires) for use in computer memory devices and in solid state lasers.
  • For semiconductor use, it is further purified with zone melting or single-crystal extraction from a melt (Czochralski process).
  • Commercially available crystals are grown by the Czochralski process and usually supplied in the form of cuboids or cylinders.
  • There are advanced refining processes such as the Czochralski process than can achieve impurity levels below the C10100 specification by reducing copper grain density.
  • Single crystals of lithium niobate can be grown using the Czochralski process.
  • The differences are related to the growth technique, with earlier flux grown crystals being less pure than current crystals grown with the Czochralski process, which therefore have a larger spontaneous polarization and a higher Curie temperature.
  • Specific industrial techniques to produce large single crystals (called "boules") include the Czochralski process and the Bridgman technique.
  • InSb can be grown by solidifying a melt from the liquid state (Czochralski process), or epitaxially by liquid phase epitaxy, hot wall epitaxy or molecular beam epitaxy.
  • One example where a seed crystal is used to grow large boules or ingots of a single crystal is the semiconductor industry where methods such as the Czochralski process or Bridgman technique are employed.
  • In the semiconductor industry synthetic boules can be made by a number of methods, such as the Bridgman technique and the Czochralski process, which result in a cylindrical rod of material.
  • Monocrystalline silicon of such purity is usually produced by the Czochralski process, and is used to produce silicon wafers used in the semiconductor industry, in electronics, and in some high-cost and high-efficiency photovoltaic applications.
  • This property enables the growth of LSAT single crystals using the Czochralski process (CZ), which has commercial advantages.
  • Blank eventually built a conventional crystal grower based on the Czochralski process instead.
  • SiSn can be obtained experimentally using several approaches. For small quantity of Sn in silicon, the Czochralski process is well known.
  • Langbeinites crystals can be made by the Bridgman technique, Czochralski process or flux technique.
  • Single crystal ingots (called boules) of materials are grown (crystal growth) using methods such as the Czochralski process or Bridgeman technique.
  • The single crystals of doped YAG are normally produced by the Czochralski process.
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