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SYNO Earth-received time | ERT
endoradiotherapy <ERT>
Endoradiotherapie {f} <ERT>
electron ray tube <ERT>
Elektronenstrahlröhre {f} <ESR>
emergency response team <ERT>
Notfallteam {n}
estrogen replacement therapy <ERT> [Am.]
Östrogenersatztherapie {f}
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  • ERT Digital (...) was a pilot project by ERT, the public broadcaster of Greece.
  • The endings for second person plural informal are: "-(e)t", "-elt", and "-ert".
  • ERT was developed in 1964 by Christian de Duve and Roscoe Brady.
  • It is a part of the Établissement Régional de Tunis (ERT) along with two primary schools, the "École Georges Brassens" and the "École Robert Desnos".
  • In the case of "v-ts'er-t", "ts'ert", and "ts'er-en", the -"t" and -"en" are the subject plurality markers.
  • Ert and Molina began dating in 1967, after meeting in Chicago, where Ert was working as an entertainer.
  • The two semi-finals and the final were televised in Greece on ERT1 and ERT HD, via radio on ERA 2 and Voice of Greece and online via "www.ert.gr", all with commentary by Maria Kozakou and Giorgos Kapoutzidis.
  • The National Radio Television Foundation (...) or EIRT (...) was the Greek state broadcaster founded in 1970, during the junta. In 1975 it converted to ERT.
  • While still in the competition, she caught the attention of Greece's Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) and was sequentially approached and signed by Sony Music Entertainment Greece.
  • HEIs obtain licensure and program accreditation through submission of an application and supporting documentation to the CAA, which is normally followed by site visits by a Commissioner and a visiting committee of experienced academics (the External Review Team (ERT)) with appropriate international expertise.
  • ... , "demokratiuli modzraoba — ert’iani Sak’art’velo") is a political party in Georgia chaired by Nino Burjanadze; it was founded on 24 November 2008.
  • With the advent of the Internet and satellite television, Greek New Zealanders can enjoy a plethora of information and entertainment from the luxury of their homes.
  • "The Brussels Business - Who Runs the European Union" is a 2013 documentary film by Friedrich Moser and Matthieu Lietaert which deals with the lack of transparency and the influence of lobbyists on the decision-making process in Brussels.
  • During the first 20 years of TV services in Greece, ERT broadcasting was limited, starting at around 5 [...] pm to between midnight and 2 [...] am.
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