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Ertebølle culture [also: Ertebølle Culture]
Ertebølle-Kultur {f}
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Ertebølle culture [also: Ertebølle Culture]
Ertebølle-Kultur {f}archaeo.
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  • After 4500 BCE the Ertebølle culture of northwestern origin entered a ceramic phase with its own forms of pottery (characteristic pointed bottoms).
  • Scientists concluded that the oyster shells was not ordinary natural deposits, but leftovers and waste from the Ertebølle culture dating to the end of the Mesolithic period (ca 5300 BC – 3950 BC).
  • The Kongemose culture was replaced by the Ertebølle culture, adapting to the climatic changes and gradually adopting the Neolithic Revolution, transitioning to the megalithic Funnelbeaker culture.
  • The best picture of Atlantic Period fauna comes from the kitchen middens of the Ertebølle culture of Denmark and others like it.
  • In southern Scandinavia, its neighbours were first the Kongemose culture (roughly 6000 BC–5200 BC) and later on the Ertebølle culture (about 5200 BC–4000 BC).
  • ... 6000–5200 BC, Ertebølle culture c. 5300–3950 BC).
  • ... patula") is attested as an archaeophyte in northern Europe, and the Ertebølle culture is presumed to have used it as a food.
  • Archeological findings revealed a stoneage village from the Ertebølle culture at Limhamn.
  • With the exception of some inland settlements such as the Alvastra pile-dwelling, the settlements are located near those of the previous Ertebølle culture on the coast.
  • Several human remains from the stone-age Ertebølle culture in Denmark show evidence of scalping.
  • There were archaeological excavations here as early as 1903, revealing early Stone Age settlements and activities from the Ertebølle Culture.
  • The thorough investigation moved the first prehistoric finds in Northern Europe 2,500 years back in time with respect to the Ertebølle culture, then thought to be the oldest stratum.
  • Holtegaard also houses the findings from the Vedbæk Finds archaeological site ("Bøgebakken gravplads"), a Mesolithic cemetery of the Ertebølle culture.
  • The people of the Ertebølle culture were thereby inspired by the Middle German Linear Pottery culture, whose northernmost frontier was southern Pomerania (Uckermark and the Pyritz area).
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