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NOUN   eyrie | eyries
SYNO aerie | aery | eyrie | ...
eyrie [esp. Br.]
Adlerhorst {m}
eyrie [esp. Br.]
Horst {m}
eyrie [esp. Br.]
Adlernest {n}
Eyrie [Tim Winton]
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Übersetzung für 'Eyrie' von Englisch nach Deutsch

eyrie [esp. Br.]
Adlerhorst {m}orn.

Horst {m}orn.

Adlernest {n}orn.

Eyrie [Tim Winton]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Godlike, they regard humanity as little more than the ants they appear to be from atop their glass and steel eyrie.
  • Mongzu Ki - eagle's eyrie - is situated at a high precipice where eagles have nested for centuries.
  • It also mentioned one and a half fisheries, four hays for roe deer, and a hawk's eyrie.
  • Elspeth is flown to the Agyllian eyrie before travelling through the mountains back to Obernewtyn.
  • Aerie (a variant of eyrie) is the bird nest of an eagle, falcon, hawk, or other bird of prey.
  • Several branched stems form a loose eyrie. The basal leaves are usually already withered during flowering, the leaves remain on the stem.
  • The abundance of bats, swifts, and riparian birds provides ample food for peregrines, and suitable eyrie sites are plentiful along the steep canyon walls.
  • Another eyrie upon the tower of the King's House in the capital Armenelos was always inhabited by a pair of eagles, until the days of Tar-Ancalimon and the coming of Shadow to Númenor.
  • This eyrie-like position with its vertical rock faces made the castle impregnable.
  • They have a large eyrie up in the Librarium near the Isenfire tapestry.
  • Its name means "hazel eyrie" in English; it was named for the locality where it lies: Haselhorst in the borough of Spandau.
  • Eyrie Bay is a bay, [...] wide at its mouth and extending [...] inland, lying north of Jade Point on Yatrus Promontory, Trinity Peninsula in Antarctica.
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