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Fabry-Pérot interferometer <FP interferometer>
Fabry-Pérot-Interferometer {n} <FP-Interferometer>
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  • The FabryPérot interferometer uses interference between multiple reflections.
  • Each individual longitudinal mode has some bandwidth or narrow range of frequencies over which it operates, but typically this bandwidth, determined by the "Q" factor of the cavity (see FabryPérot interferometer), is much smaller than the intermode frequency separation.
  • In optics, a FabryPérot interferometer (FPI) or etalon is an optical cavity made from two parallel reflecting surfaces (i.e.: thin mirrors).
  • A partially transparent mirror is also an integral part of the FabryPérot interferometer.
  • In DFB fiber lasers the Bragg grating (which in this case forms also the cavity of the laser) has a phase-shift centered in the reflection band akin to a single very narrow transmission notch of a FabryPérot interferometer.
  • Together with his colleague Alfred Pérot he invented the Fabry–Pérot interferometer in 1899.
  • The observatory also has a FabryPérot interferometer.
  • Together with his colleague Charles Fabry he developed the Fabry–Pérot interferometer in 1899.
  • Lasers use optical cavities in the form of a pair of facing mirrors, which constitute a FabryPérot interferometer.
  • The basic scientific instrument of this type is a FabryPérot interferometer.
  • The wrapped Cauchy distribution is often found in the field of spectroscopy where it is used to analyze diffraction patterns (e.g. see FabryPérot interferometer).
  • His research focused on galaxy evolution, taking advantage of both the Hubble Space Telescope and ground-based systems, and of a stellar seismometer developed by his team based on a stabilized FabryPérot interferometer.
  • This configuration effectively describes a FabryPérot interferometer or etalon: for [...] , the reflection vanishes.
  • Schommer also worked on clusters of galaxies and their use in establishing the extragalactic distance scale; dark matter in dwarf galaxies; and designed and built a FabryPérot interferometer and oversaw its installation at the Cerro-Tololo Observatory.
  • Such quadratic modulation can be captured by a Fabry-Perot interferometer.
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