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NOUN   a French overture | French overtures
French overture
französische Ouvertüre {f}
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Übersetzung für 'French overture' von Englisch nach Deutsch

French overture
französische Ouvertüre {f}mus.
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  • The Prelude is written in an A–B form, and is a French overture.
  • In addition to concertos, Bach wrote four orchestral suites, each suite being a series of stylised dances for orchestra, preceded by a French overture.
  • The overture is in standard French overture form and style as developed by Lully, featuring three sections: a slow section in duple meter and pompous dotted rhythms in G minor, followed by a faster middle section and concluded with a second slow section ending with a Picardy third.
  • After a French overture, Cupid addresses assorted shepherds and shepherdesses, accusing them of infidelity, and invites them to enjoy true pastoral pleasures.
  • Other composers successfully juxtaposed sections in the French Overture style and style galant with Affetuoso 3/4 movements and sections of robust Handelian fugal writing as well as short sections for solo or duetting voices.
  • In George Frideric Handel's oratorio Messiah (HWV 56), "Overture to the Messiah" (French Overture in E minor) was originally titled "Sinfony".
  • The French overture as found in Jean-Baptiste Lully's operas consist of a slow introduction in a marked "dotted rhythm", followed by a lively movement in fugato style.
  • The first movement, in the style of a French overture with dotted rhythms and scale passages, for dramatic effect has the novel feature of being prefaced by a two bar passage for the first concertino violin.
  • Lully is credited with the invention in the 1650s of the French overture, a form used extensively in the Baroque and Classical eras, especially by Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel.
  • The French overture should not be confused with the Italian overture, a three-part quick-slow-quick structure.
  • The first movement, in sonata form, opens with an expansive theme derived from the form of the French overture [...] and has a contrasting second theme in the upper "music box" register that has been identified with the " [...] " (as in the distance) trope of the nineteenth century.
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