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NOUN   a French peanut | French peanuts
French peanut [Pachira aquatica, syn.: P. macrocarpa, Bombax macrocarpum, Carolinea macrocarpa]
Glückskastanie {f}
French peanut [Pachira aquatica, syn.: P. macrocarpa, Bombax macrocarpum, Carolinea macrocarpa]
Wilder Kakaobaum {m}
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  • The fusion French cuisine "Cuisses de Grenouilles Poelees au Satay, Chou-fleur Croquant" is actually frog legs in peanut sauce.
  • Marc Dufumier, an emeritus professor of agronomy, proposes a more recent origin for the dish, which may only have appeared as a consequence of the colonial promotion of intensive peanut cropping in central Senegal for the French oil industry, and where commensurate reduction in the planted area of traditional millet and sorghum staples was compensated by forced imports of broken rice from Southeast Asia.
  • Plumpy'Nut is a peanut-based paste in a plastic wrapper for treatment of severe acute malnutrition manufactured by Nutriset, a French company.
  • Refined peanut oil is commonly used for frying volume batches of foods like French fries and has a smoke point of 450 °F/232 °C.
  • Nutriset is the French manufacturer and trademark owner of Plumpy'nut, the peanut-based food for use in famine relief. It was formulated in 1997 by André Briend, a French pediatric nutritionist.
  • Through diplomatic and military efforts, Briere reinforced French control on the Senegal river, the "Peanut Basin" and the Guinea Coast in favour of the development of millet, peanut and cotton trade.
  • He and his son were arrested by the French on behalf of the OSS and transferred to the Americans.
  • Neither the French nor English version of the song was included on any of Dion's albums.
  • Neither the French or English version of the song were included on any of Dion's albums.
  • By 1898, Reese was an accomplished French horn player who performed with local area bands.
  • In 1859 a fort was built by the French and Rufisque was annexed to the Colony of Senegal.
  • Those patterns were further even more stimulated with the French colonial campaign.
  • French interests in the Saloum River increased in the early 19th century as legitimate articles of trade were sought to replace trade in slaves.
  • A Dutch fast food meal often consists of French fries (called "patat" or "friet") with sauce and meat.
  • French Toast Crunch is shaped like many little French toast slices, reminiscent of the style of Cookie Crisp.
  • The Fool's Gold Loaf begins with a loaf of French white bread that is covered in two tablespoons of margarine and baked in the oven at [...] until brown.
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