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gigawatt <GW>
Gigawatt {n} <GW>
Guinea-Bissau <.gw>
Guinea-Bissau {n}
Republic of Guinea-Bissau <.gw>
Republik {f} Guinea-Bissau
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Übersetzung für 'GW' von Englisch nach Deutsch

gigawatt <GW>
Gigawatt {n} <GW>electr.phys.unit

Guinea-Bissau <.gw>
Guinea-Bissau {n}geogr.

Republic of Guinea-Bissau <.gw>
Republik {f} Guinea-Bissaugeogr.pol.
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  • The following tables list accuracy statistics for typical in service Stgw 90 rifles firing Swiss 5,6 mm Gw Pat 90 service ammunition obtained by firing from the bipod.
  • .gw is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Guinea-Bissau.
  • Also, the verb in the neutral voice belongs to the conjugation of the aspect without an indicator, of the subgroup gw-, while the verb in the causative voice belongs to the conjugation gw-.
  • Since gw (when it had not been delabialised at an earlier stage) generally became w in Germanic unless preceded by n, verbs ending in gw or hw (which became gw through Verner alternation) were particularly complex.
  • The word order for yes-no questions is verb–subject–object ("gw pharolath Brithenig" "you speak Brithenig" vs. ...
  • Thomas Clancy opined that the royal feminine personal name in Life of Kentigern, "Languoreth", demonstrates the presence of /gw/ Cumbric.
  • "Lecwydd" probably derives from the personal name "Helygwydd" (possibly the name of a local holy man or Welsh saint).
  • Building projects from the company are expected to be built in Shinhan, Goheung, and Yeonggwang in South Jeolla, Boryeon in South Chungcheong including the regions of Yeongcheon and Yeongwol.
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