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head-shake test <HST>
Kopfschütteltest {m} <KST> [auch: Kopfschüttel-Test]
head-shaking test <HST>
Kopfschütteltest {m} <KST> [auch: Kopfschüttel-Test]
Hubble Space Telescope <HST>
Hubble-Weltraumteleskop {n} <HST>
Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) [Can.]
[kanadische Mehrwertsteuer]
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  • On August 11, 2010, Elections BC verified the official anti-HST petition submitted by the province's Fight HST campaign.
  • The proprietary nature of HST allowed USR to maintain its market predominance even when off-brand V.32-based modems began selling for less than equivalent HST modems.
  • Later instruments, installed after the HST's initial deployment, were designed with their own corrective optics.
  • HST also offers a certificate program for MIT doctoral students called Graduate Education in Medical Sciences (GEMS).
  • In the beginning years of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) project, NASA and Congress were interested in finding ways for amateur astronomers to participate in HST research.
  • diesel-electric HST. Australian rail magazines have suggested the JetTrain as a viable option for high-speed rail in Australia to supplement the XPT (a version of the British HST) and Tilt Train.
  • The ST-ECF provided detailed technical information about the HST and its science instruments, supported European astronomers who were preparing HST observing proposals and coordinated the development of computer software tuned to the specific data analysis needs of HST users.
  • Using the HST and spectroscopic data from the ground to measure the motions of stars in the center of the galaxy, Douglas Richstone and colleagues at the University of Michigan have concluded that NGC 4473 has a supermassive black hole with an estimated mass of roughly 100 million solar masses (...).
  • The introduction of the HST changed the PST for these provinces from a cascading tax system, which has been abandoned by most economies throughout the world, before it was implemented.
  • Probationers whose colors are named in the recording are required to report to the downtown Honolulu courthouse the same day for drug testing between 6:30AM and 2:30PM HST.
  • Only offered in limited production for the 2016 model year, the HST Limited Edition would be discontinued for 2017 and effectively replaced by the HSE Dynamic, which featured many of the same mechanical changes as the HST.
  • The IARU Region 1 HST working group maintains a list of HST world records, set at official IARU HST competitions.
  • Some people believed that the HST would generate significantly more revenue, because while the PST revenue was estimated at $5.083 billion for 2009/2010, several sources concurred and estimated a 5% GST revenue for British Columbia of about $5 billion (or a tax base at about $100 billion after the current GST exemption concerning the public sector).
  • On HST some parts were designed from the start as ORUs and all used captive bolts with a standard 7/16" double-height hex head; HST servicing mission 3A (SM3A) replaced (or added) 15 ORUs, [...] e.g.
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