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NOUN   IJN | -
Imperial Japanese Navy <IJN>
Kaiserliche Japanische Marine {f}
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Imperial Japanese Navy <IJN>
Kaiserliche Japanische Marine {f}hist.mil.
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  • were a projected class of destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), developed during the Second World War.
  • IJN went through an expansion which was completed in late 2009.
  • As the main mobile force in the IJN, the 2nd Fleet saw the bulk of all future IJN combat operations from the time of its inception until IJN dissolution at the end of World War II.
  • The IJN was modeled on the Royal Navy and the IJN Admiralty sought establishment of their own Naval Air Service.
  • IJN 3rd Fleet, Director of the Naval Education Bureau, IJN 2nd Fleet, Sasebo Naval District, IJN 1st Fleet.
  • A full-scale mockup was completed in March 1939 for inspection by IJN officials. However, the IJN decided to shelve the C4A in favor of their own version of the Ki-15, the C5M.
  • "Lifetime" is the debut studio album by South London musician Klein, released on 6 September 2019 on her imprint "ijn inc.", released digitally and on vinyl in a limited edition run.
  • On 15 December 1938, Captain Monzen Tei (former executive officer of IJN "Hyūga") was appointed Commanding Officer of IJN icebreaker "Odomari".
  • Shimada was promoted to rear admiral on 30 November 1929, and assigned as Chief of Staff to the IJN 2nd Fleet.
  • After the Russo-Japanese War, the IJN purchased many steamships and converted them to salvage vessels.
  • The IJN focused on securing the Sea of Japan. Therefore, the IJN had to lay naval mines in La Pérouse Strait, Tsugaru Strait, and Tsushima Strait.
  • The IJA initially intended to keep its submarine program secret from the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), but the uncle of one of the officers assigned to the program was an IJN vice admiral in charge of equipping IJN submarines at the Kure Naval Arsenal in Kure, Japan.
  • The [...] was a fleet of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) established during World War II as a result of IJN commands being isolated in the Philippines.
  • Thornycroft & Company, Woolston, that was lent to the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) from 1917–1919.
  • Later, Arima served as chief of staff for the IJN's IJN 4th Fleet; he was promoted to vice admiral on 1 November 1945. Surviving the war, Arima died in 1956.
  • The [...] was a class of amphibious assault ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), serving during and after World War II. The IJN also called them [...].
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