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NOUN   a kris | krises / krisses
SYNO crease | creese | kris
Kris {m}
Kris Kringle [Am.]Weihnachtsmann {m}
Kris Kringle [Am.]Christkindl {n} [südd.] [österr.]
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  • Tugu Keris (Kris Monument) is a huge monument in the shape of a kris in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • He gave the kris to Kebo Ijo, another attendant of Tunggul Ametung, a greedy man known to be fond of collecting krises.
  • Mpu Gandring was a famous maker of kris, a type of Javanese knife.
  • Fadli has a large collection of traditional kris daggers and chaired the Indonesian National Kris Secretariat for the 2016–2021 term.
  • The square features the "Kris Landmark", a large bronze sculpture of a "kris".
  • There are two sacred weapons kept in this museum, namely a kris with 21 curves named Kyai Omyang, made by an empu (kris maker) who lived during Majapahit time and a sword originating from Demak Kingdom.
  • Kris knives are important items, with many heirloom kris holding significant historical value. The design of the kris is to tear apart an opponent's abdomen, making the injury more severe.
  • Hang Tuah requests the kris of Taming Sari be returned to him so he could kill Jebat with it.
  • The stick, machete, sarong, spear and kris are the five basic weapons.
  • The museum has approximately 27 heirloom kris that were gifted to the museum by the descendants of royal houses and venerated mpu (blacksmiths).
  • The kris blade is called a [...] or [...]. Kris blades are usually narrow with a wide, asymmetrical base.
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