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Lesgisch {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Lezgian' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Lesgisch {n}ling.
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  • Lezgian is spoken by the Lezgins, who live in southern Dagestan and northern Azerbaijan. Lezgian is a literary language and an official language of Dagestan.
  • Most Udis speak Udi language that is a member of the Northeast Caucasian language family. Udi is related to Lezgian and Tabasaran.
  • It is closely related to neighbouring Lezgian and Aghul languages.
  • His father, Vadim Gennadyevich, is the general director of Crystal Development LLC since 2004, while his mother is of Lezgian descent, as she is originally from the Kurakhsky district of Dagestan.
  • Today, other Daghestani Caucasian languages such as Udi, Lezgian and Avar are still spoken in the region.
  • There are 54 consonants in Lezgian. Characters to the right are the letters of the Lezgian Cyrillic Alphabet.
  • Fath-Ali Khan Daghestani (...), was a Lezgian nobleman, who served as the Grand Vizier of the Safavid "shah" (king) Sultan Husayn (r. 1694–1722) from 1716 to 1720.
  • Later they were put on the stages of the Judeo-Tat, Kumyk’s (1966) and Lezgian’s (1987) theaters.
  • Monument to Sharvili, hero of the national Lezgian epic. The North Caucasus mountains surround the town.
  • This case is found in the Northeast Caucasian language Lezgian.
  • The original name is Seferbine. Native language of the village is kurush dialect of lezgian.
  • According to the "Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Place-Names", the word literally means "man" and derives from Lezgian "kus".
  • Suleyman Abusaidovich Kerimov ([...]; [...]; born 12 March 1966) is a Russia-based billionaire, oligarch, and politician of Lezgian origin. as well as Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader.
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