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NOUN   the Maccabean period | -
Maccabean period
Makkabäerzeit {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Maccabean period' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Maccabean period
Makkabäerzeit {f}bibl.hist.
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  • But the statement in the Babylonian Talmud, that the Mishnah source concerning Apostomus is a Gemara (tradition), shows that, according to the Babylonian authorities, the date of Apostomus can not be placed later than the Maccabean period.
  • Jose ben Joezer (also spelt Yose ben Yoezer) was a rabbi of the early Maccabean period, possibly a disciple of Antigonus of Soko and member of the ascetic group known as the Hasidæans, though neither is certain.
  • The stories of the first half are legendary in origin, and the visions of the second the product of anonymous authors in the Maccabean period (2nd century BCE).
  • Even in stories set during the Maccabean period, references to Judas by name were explicitly removed to avoid hero-worship of the Hasmonean line.
  • The date of composition of these psalms is uncertain; some scholars date them to the Maccabean period and consider the verses in question to refer to the "hasidim" at this time, while others disagree and assign an earlier date to these psalms.
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