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Néel wall
Néel-Wand {f}
Bing-Neel syndrome
Bing-Neel-Syndrom {n}
Bing-Neel syndrome
Bing-von-Neel-Syndrom {n} [auch: Bing-Neel-Syndrom]
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  • Generally, antiferromagnetic order may exist at sufficiently low temperatures, but vanishes at and above the Néel temperature – named after Louis Néel, who had first identified this type of magnetic ordering.
  • Institut Néel is a research laboratory in condensed matter physics located on Polygone Scientifique in Grenoble, France. It is named after scientist Louis Néel.
  • In 1940 Brody met artist Alice Neel, beginning a complicated, sometimes controversial, on and off affair that ended in 1955. They had one son, Hartley Neel, in 1941. Brody remained friends with Neel until her death in 1984.
  • The show traces their live, circumstances make Neel get married to Kajal. However, Neel's father and his family does not approve of their relationship. It shows how Pari play an important role in Kajal and Neel's acceptance.
  • Six months later, Omkar searches for Mayura and meets Dr. Neel who saved and loves her. Omkar finds Mayura, and her father Akhilesh begs Neel to marry her. Neel kidnaps Mayura and coerces her to marry his brother, Kundan. Omkar is revealed to be the groom and marries Mayura. Neel shoots him, but Omkar survives.
  • The songs are written by Rabindranath Tagore, and Neel Dutt. The music composer is Neel Dutt.
  • Neils Gulch seems to have been modified from Neel Gulch, after David H. Neel, an 1850s settler. It also was called Cañada de Sansevan and Hallidie Gulch.
  • "Alice Neel '81: A Retrospective, 1926–1981," in 1981 was an important exhibition in the history of the C. Grimaldis Gallery and the first time Neel's paintings were exhibited in Baltimore, Maryland. It was soon followed by the 1983 solo exhibition of works by Alice Neel titled "Alice Neel: Five Decades of Painting".
  • Neel married his wife, Alice T. Neel, in 1940. They had a son, Spurgeon H. Neel III, and daughter, Dr. Leah Neel Zartarian.
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