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Übersetzung für 'Negritos' von Englisch nach Deutsch

[kleinwüchsige, dunkelhäutige Ureinwohner]ethn.
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  • August 3: It is the "Entrada de Negritos" (Entrance of the Blacks). Children walk into town singing and dancing and people follow them as they did on their way to Pumahuiri.
  • The Spanish legally classified the Aetas as 'negritos' based on their appearance.
  • They are among the Filipino ancestries that are tolerant to the Negritos, such as the Ati.
  • Both Christianized negritos who lived in the colony and un-Christianized negritos who lived in tribes outside the colony were classified as 'negritos'.
  • The first settlers of Mayantoc before the coming of Christian migrants were the negritos of the Abiling tribe.
  • The original inhabitants of Gonzaga were Negritos, especially members of Aeta tribes.
  • "Motelomama" is an extinct genus of bothremydid pleurodiran turtle that was discovered in the Ypresian Salina Group near Negritos, Peru.
  • Nearby are the Negritos Islands Biological Reserve in the same Tempisque Conservation Area, and Pájaros Island Biological Reserve managed under Central Pacific Conservation Area.
  • It includes artifacts from the indigenous Negritos and the Islamic period and as early as 200 BC.
  • Reed noticed that Roman numerals and modern symbols were used on the dice, but upon inquiry with the Negritos and the surrounding Filipino groups, the game appears to be very old having been handed down by the ancestors of the Negritos and observed when the surrounding Filipinos were first acquainted with the Negritos.
  • Atta is an Austronesian dialect cluster spoken by the Aeta (Agta) Negritos of the northern Philippines.
  • Many peoples of Southeast Asia considered the jungle as home to magical creatures, among those that assented are the Negritos.
  • To thank them for their help, the Negritos offer hospitality to their saviors.
  • The Philippines' early history goes as far back as 30,000 years ago when the Negritos (the primary people of the Philippine archipelago) were believed to have journeyed to the Philippines by land bridges from Mainland Asia.
  • The latter fit well with Philippine negritos who were among the archipelago's earliest inhabitants, descendants of the first human migrations out of Africa via the coastal route along southern Asia to the now sunken landmasses of Sundaland and Sahul.
  • Based on perceived physical similarities, Negritos were once considered a single population of closely related people.
  • Peká Editorial released a board game based on the book, "Diez Negritos" ("Ten Little Negroes"), created by Judit Hurtado and Fernando Chavarría, and illustrated by Esperanza Peinado.
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