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NOUN   negritude | -
Negritude [also: negritude]
Negritude {f} [auch: Négritude]
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Übersetzung für 'Negritude' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Negritude [also: negritude]
Negritude {f} [auch: Négritude]sociol.
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  • Black is beautiful got its roots from the "Négritude" movement of the 1930s. Negritude argued for the importance of a Pan-African racial identity among people of African descent worldwide.
  • In this new position, he believed, negritude could be employed as a conceptual tool for understanding not only African experience but also the role of colonialism in shaping that experience.
  • He encountered difficulties in his politics with fellow Haitians and other members of the Francophone writing community in his thoughts on the concept of negritude (commonly propounded by the philosopher Frantz Fanon).
  • He "has been very active in research in African Literatures, teaching the African novel of French expression, negritude poetry, and oral literature".
  • American physician Benjamin Rush, a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence and early abolitionist, is often said to have used the term "negritude" to imagine a rhetorical "disease" which he said was a mild form of leprosy, the only cure of which was to become white.
  • Edward A. Jones, publisher of Voices of Negritude (1971), described Niger’s poetry as, “at once violent and tender, like the land of his ancestors”.
  • Cullen saw Negritude as an awakening of a race consciousness and black modernism that flowed into Harlem.
  • She is the daughter of Aimé Césaire. Her mother, Suzanne Césaire, was a French writer from Martinique whose work is connected with the Francophone Negritude movement.
  • Against advocates of literature that promoted African racial solidarity in accordance with negritude principles, Frantz Fanon argued for a national literature aimed at achieving national liberation.
  • The period from 1900 to 1950 constitutes an important stage in local literature insofar as it gave birth to numerous writers who had a considerable impact, such as those of Negritude (Négritude).
  • There has been a resurgence of the ideology of "negritude" among the younger generations, often exemplified through their art and music.
  • Irele helped to expound upon the understanding of Négritude first theorized by Aimé Césaire in the magazine "L'Étudiant noir" and then in his groundbreaking book "Cahier d'un retour au pays natal" (1939), in various articles, like "A Defence of Negritude" in "Transition" (1964) or in the article [...] "What is Negritude?
  • Anténor Firmin was a 19th-century Haitian anthropologist, perhaps the first black anthropologist and an early writer of négritude, who influenced 20th century American anthropologist Melville J. Herskovits.
  • Preceding the independence period, Mauritian writers like Marcel Cabon, Jean-Georges Prosper, Edouard Maunick, Robert Edward-Hart, René Noyau and Emmanuel Juste espoused négritude or more Mauritian themes.
  • Fanon was influenced by a variety of thinkers and intellectual traditions including Jean-Paul Sartre, Lacan, Négritude, and Marxism.
  • Omotunde's works were favored towards Afrocentricité, which sought to counteract the philosophy of "Négritude", put forth by Léopold Sédar Senghor and Aimé Césaire.
  • Efraín Andrade Viteri (May 15, 1920 – July 1, 1997) was an Ecuadorian painter known as "The Painter of the Négritude Esmeraldeña".
  • The Clamart Salon and "La Revue du Monde Noir" along with Paulette Nardal's translations of Harlem Renaissance writer's works also allowed the founders of Négritude to meet with figures from the Harlem Renaissance whose work influenced and inspired the creation of Négritude.
  • "NGRTD" (also known as Négritude) is the fourth studio album by French rapper Youssoupha, which was released on May 18, 2015 by Bomayé Music.
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