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NOUN1   a Negro | Negroes
NOUN2   a negro | negroes
SYNO Black | blackamoor | Black person | ...
Negro {adj} [pej.]Neger- [pej.]
Negro [also derogatory]Neger {m} [auch abwertend]
Negro [pej.]Bimbo {m} [rassistisch]
2 Wörter
(Negro) spiritual
Spiritual {m} {n}
field negro [pej.]
Feldneger {m} [pej.] [Feldsklave]
house negro [racist]
Hausneger {m} [rassistisch]
Negro boy [historical] [now offensive or pej.] Negerjunge {m} [veraltet] [heutzutage beleidigend od. pej.]
Negro phenomenon [cogwheel phenomenon / rigidity]
Zahnradphänomen {n}
negro spiritual
Negrospiritual {n} [auch {m}]
Negro tribe [derogatory in modern usage]
Negerstamm {m} [abwertend in heutigem Gebrauch]
Negro's sign [also: Negro sign]
Negro-Zeichen {n} [Zahnradphänomen]
3 Wörter
(Negro) cogwheel rigidity
Zahnradphänomen {n}
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
Negro Dance
Negertanz [Ernst Ludwig Kirchner]
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
(black-footed) cerdo negro pig [native to the Balearic Islands]
Cerdo-Negro-Schwein {n} [schwarzes Schwein der Balearischen Inseln]
negro-coffee [Senna occidentalis, syn.: Cassia occidentalis, C. torosa, Ditrimexa occidentalis]
Stinkkassie / Stink-Kassie {f}
pale-fronted negro finch [Nigrita luteifrons]
Blassstirnschwärzling {m}
Rio Negro bearded saki [Chiropotes chiropotes, syn.: Pithecia couxio]
Rotrückensaki {m}
Rio Negro brush-tailed rat [Isothrix negrensis]
Rio-Negro-Bürstenschwanzratte {f}
Rio Negro pygmy anchovy [Amazonsprattus scintilla]
Rio-Negro-Zwergsardelle {f}
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  • In the story, a man who presumably has had a crippling stroke winds up half seeing and half hearing a definitive fight between a "negro" guitarist who has been dwelling in the man's store and a mysterious stranger who turns out to be Martin Fierro whom the negro has been waiting for.
  • His nickname, El Diamante Negro was bestowed to him by Mexican actor and comedian Omar Chaparro, mixing the name of Palazuelos' hotel 'El Diamante K' and his own appearance of being overtly tanned, "El negro".
  • With the success of "Diamonds," Marín recorded a new album in 2007, "Pulpo negro," which sold over 60 thousand copies in Spain.
  • Examples of racist language being removed included Section 102 of Article IV of the former Constitution, which forbade "marriage between any white person and a Negro, or descendant of a negro".
  • Daniel was called "Daniell Jacob Negro" in July 1709 when he agreed to pay Jean Grimes's fine for bastard bearing.
  • One of Shanklin's most controversial works was his 2007 parody "Barack the Magic Negro", in which he impersonates Al Sharpton lamenting that white voters will perceive Barack Obama as a "magic negro" and therefore favor Obama for president over him.
  • (June 10, 1932 - April 8, 2015) was an American Negro league baseball player.
  • In 2013, Esparza performed "chino, indio, negro" with Sebastian Hernandez at Perform Chinatown 2013.
  • Over the years, Manto negro has been known under a variety of synonyms including: Cabelis, Cabellis, Mantonegro, Mantuo negro.
  • Cielo negro, mar negro. Lengua de Trapo. Madrid, 2010. Traducción de Carmen Freixanet. 423 páginas.
  • An example is the character type called the "magical negro"; Spike Lee popularized this term deriding the archetype of the "super-duper magical negro" in 2001 while discussing films with students at Washington State University and at Yale University.
  • Bertrum "Nate" Hunter (October 20, 1910 – April 25, 1948) was an American baseball pitcher in the Negro leagues.
  • African-American activist Malcolm X commented on the cultural connotations and consequences of the term in his 1963 speech "Message to the Grass Roots", wherein he explained that during slavery, there were two types of slaves: "house negroes" who worked in the master's house, and "field negroes" who performed outdoor manual labor.
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