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Nyquist frequency
Nyquist-Frequenz {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Nyquist frequency' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Nyquist frequency
Nyquist-Frequenz {f}telecom.
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  • The picture "transmission function of a 16sample group averaging filter" shows how the transmission function looks above the Nyquist frequency.
  • Often, this is done by adding analog anti-aliasing filters at the input and output, thus avoiding any frequency component above the Nyquist frequency.
  • Fast Fourier transform (FFT) software in combination with a sound card allows reception of all frequencies below the Nyquist frequency simultaneously in the form of spectrogrammes.
  • CD quality audio is sampled at 44,100 Hz (Nyquist frequency = 22.05 kHz) and at 16 bits.
  • exceeds the Nyquist frequency, the reconstruction matches the actual waveform (upper left frame).
  • A few may also publish MTF curves, while others (especially intensifier manufacturers) will publish the response (%) at the Nyquist frequency, or, alternatively, publish the frequency at which the response is 50%.
  • In digital synthesis, these series are only summed over "k" such that the highest harmonic, "N"max, is less than the Nyquist frequency (half the sampling frequency).
  • 05 kHz, the Nyquist frequency of the 44.1 kHz sample rate.
  • In some conditions, less than a nanosecond of jitter can reduce the effective bit resolution of a converter with a Nyquist frequency of 22 kHz to 14 bits.
  • In signal processing the "critical frequency" it is also another name for the Nyquist frequency.
  • Quantization error is distributed from DC to the Nyquist frequency.
  • Zero frequency (DC) corresponds to (1, 0), positive frequencies advancing counterclockwise around the circle to the Nyquist frequency at (−1, 0).
  • It can also be explained with reference to the sampling and Nyquist frequency.
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