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NOUN   an oospore | oospores
Oospore {f}
oospore development
Oosporenentwicklung {f}
oospore formation
Oosporenbildung {f}
oospore wall
Oosporenwand {f}
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  • Studies in Sicily have shown optimum time for oospore germination is between the end of February and the middle of March.
  • This oospore will function as a survival structure for the pathogen over the winter, and serve as the primary inoculum the following spring.
  • The survival structure is an oospore, which is the result of the karyogamy of two haploid gametes (the oogonium and antheridium).
  • In oomycetes, the zygote forms through the fertilization of an egg cell with a sperm nucleus and enters a resting stage as a diploid, thick-walled oospore.
  • An oospore is a thick-walled sexual spore that develops from a fertilized oosphere in some algae, fungi, and oomycetes.
  • A haploid nucleus (gamete) from the antheridium will then be transferred through the fertilization tube into the oosphere, and fuse with the oosphere’s haploid nucleus forming a diploid oospore.
  • The zygote produced is named an oospore.
  • The storage material is starch, except in the oospore, where oil also occurs.
  • "Phytophthora cactorum" can be identified by examining oogonia, antheridium, oospore, and sporangia structure.
  • Antheridia will give one male nucleus to each eggs in oosphere then become diploid oospore.
  • Once infection season comes to an end, sexual reproduction occurs to form an oospore.
  • It has a spherical oogonium up to 25 µm in diameter, with an oospore that almost fills the oogonium.
  • "Phytophthora" zoospores require water to germinate from the oospore, and can migrate by themselves through waterlogged soil.
  • After fertilization, the zygote develops into an oospore.
  • These sporangia germinate by producing zoospores with two flagella that help with zoospore movement.
  • Over winter in the soil, oospores survive and wait for spring.
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