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NOUN   an ooze | oozes
VERB   to ooze | oozed | oozed
oozing | oozes
SYNO goo | gook | goop | ...
to oozesickern
to oozetriefen
to oozedurchsickern
to ooze sth.etw. absondern [Flüssigkeit]
to oozeherausquellen
to oozeschwitzen [Gegenstand]
to ooze
to ooze sth.etw. ausschwitzen [Gegenstand]
to ooze sth.vor / von etw.Dat. strotzen
oozeSchlamm {m}
ooze [mud]Modder {m} [ugs.] [nordd.]
2 Wörter
to ooze awaywegsickern
to ooze awayversickern
to ooze away [fig.]schwinden
to ooze charm
Süßholz raspeln
to ooze outheraussickern
to ooze outherausquellen
to ooze outherausströmen [heraussickern]
to ooze out [slowly, gradually]aussickern
diatom ooze
Diatomeenschlamm {m} [auch: Diatomeen-Schlamm]
foraminiferal ooze
Foraminiferenschlamm {m} [auch: Foraminiferen-Schlamm]
Globigerina ooze
Globigerinenschlamm {m} [auch: Globigerinen-Schlamm]
pteropod ooze
Pteropodenschlamm {m} [auch: Pteropoden-Schlamm]
radiolarian ooze
Radiolarienschlamm {m} [auch: Radiolarien-Schlamm]
3 Wörter
to ooze with oilvor Öl triefen
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze [Michael Pressman]
Turtles II – Das Geheimnis des Ooze
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The main goal of these games are to make it to the end with as much ooze as possible (ooze being fuel for the Lazarus and is much like points).
  • In Spray Mode 2, the toy spurts "ooze" with each pumping action of a separate, lateral manual handle, located at the inferior aspect of the anterior surface, immediately below the water charging handle.
  • "Siliceous ooze" is ooze that is composed of at least 30% of the siliceous microscopic "shells" of plankton, such as diatoms and radiolaria.
  • Caine as a puddle of ooze with a head, who can move around and use two attacks.
  • The silica deposited in the deep ocean is primarily in the form of siliceous ooze.
  • "Exudate" is derived from "exude" 'to ooze' from Latin "exsūdāre" 'to (ooze out) sweat' ("ex-" 'out' and "sūdāre" 'to sweat').
  • Monty Moose is a baby moose that was mutated into a humanoid appearance after being separated from his herd and falling into Lake Ooze (a secret stash for Shredder's ooze).
  • Meanwhile, Mamushi Helka tasks Lo Wang with finding the source of a black ooze that is spreading in the wildlands.
  • Once the primary infection takes place, as long as it remains wet, the pathogen will spread to the stem where cankers form and ooze a gummy substance full of conidia.
  • The Hydra dwells in an alternate dimension, and appears as a vast sea of gray ooze.
  • Schmidt, along with Patterson and Loheed, were pioneering internet satirists with the website ooze.com, one of the first digital humor publications to exist as early as 1993.
  • On the sea floors above the carbonate compensation depth, the most commonly found ooze is calcareous ooze; on the sea floors below the carbonate compensation depth, the most commonly found ooze is siliceous ooze.
  • Siliceous oozes form in upwelling areas that provide valuable nutrients for the growth of siliceous organisms living in oceanic surface waters.
  • Siliceous oozes are composed primarily of the remains of diatoms and radiolarians, but may also include other siliceous organisms, such as silicoflagellates and sponge spicules.
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