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pole-zero plot <P-Z plot, PZ plot>
Pol-Nullstellen-Diagramm {n} <PN-Diagramm>
Z.P.G. [Michael Campus]
Geburten verboten [Alternativtitel: ZPG - Die Erde stirbt]
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  • For a prime number "p", the group (Z/"p"Z)× is always cyclic, consisting of the non-zero elements of the finite field of order "p".
  • When "r" is sufficiently close to 0 this upper bound for |"p"("z")| is strictly smaller than |"a"|, contradicting the definition of "z"0.
  • The extra points can be associated with Q ⊂ R ⊂ C, the rationals in the extended complex upper-half plane. The group of homographies on P(Z/"n"Z) is called a principal congruence subgroup.
  • The duties of the chief designer of Project 658 were originally assigned to the chief engineer of OKB-18, P.Z.
  • For example, in the case of the F2 molecule, the F−F bond is formed by the overlap of "p'z" orbitals of the two F atoms, each containing an unpaired electron.
  • Biologist P.Z. Myers has criticized Kurzweil's predictions as being based on "New Age spiritualism" rather than science and says that Kurzweil does not understand basic biology.
  • These generally involve different finite fields (for example the whole family of fields Z/"p"Z as "p" runs over all prime numbers).
  • The notion of squaring is particularly important in the finite fields Z/"p"Z formed by the numbers modulo an odd prime number [...].
  • Lie rings are used in the study of finite p-groups through the "Lazard correspondence".
  • Typically the HF is produced "in situ" from sulfuric acid and fluorite (CaF2).
  • Earl ("Skeezix") and Jerry Adkisson, two brothers at Tuscola airport, joined the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) in 1955 and began gathering material for their construction project in the Autumn of that year.
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