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Purkyne fibers [Am.] [spv.] [rare] [Purkinje fibers]
Purkyne-Fasern {pl} [Rsv.] [selten] [Purkinje-Fasern]
Purkyne fibres [Br.] [spv.] [rare] [Purkinje fibres]
Purkyne-Fasern {pl} [Rsv.] [selten] [Purkinje-Fasern]
Purkyne tissue [spv.] [Purkinje tissue, Purkinje's tissue]
Purkinje-Netzwerk {n} [Purkinje-Fasern]
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  • In the early 1830s Purkynĕ invented a microtome with high precision.
  • 1823 marks the beginning of the scientific study of papillary ridges of the hands and feet, with the work of Jan Evangelista Purkyně.
  • Around 1865, a disc with nine oval photographic images of Jan Evangelista Purkyně (1787–1869) turning around was probably created by the physiologist himself. Purkyně reportedly used the disc to entertain his grandchildren and show them how he, an old professor, could turn around at great speed. The damaged disc is preserved in the collection of the National Technical Museum in Prague.
  • The crater Purkyně on the Moon is named after him, as is the asteroid 3701 Purkyně.
  • Since 2001, he teaches theoretic physics and computer modelling at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic.
  • From 2001-2006, she studied Czech and English at the Pedagogical Faculty of JE Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem.
  • In 1998, Černický won the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. In 2015 he was appointed Associate Professor at the Faculty of Art and Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem.
  • She studied biology at the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University (former name of Masaryk University). Since 1968 she worked at the Department of Sociology at the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University. In 1997 she was appointed as a professor of sociology. In 1999 Hana Librová established the Department of Environmental Studies.
  • In 1787 Jan Evangelista Purkyně, a major Czech scientist and a scholar, was born in Libochovice.
  • The Czech physiologist Jan Purkyně used his version, called Phorolyt, in lectures since 1837. In 1861 one of the subjects he illustrated was the beating of a heart.
  • Purkinje fibers are named after the Czech scientist Jan Evangelista Purkyně, who discovered them in 1839.
  • Filip was born in 1955, in Jedovary near České Budějovice. After graduating from the "gymnasium" in Trhové Sviny, he studied law at the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Brno (now Masaryk University).
  • He was born on 6 September 1956 in Ostrava, and graduated from Jan Evangelista Purkyně University (today Masaryk University) in Brno in 1982. He worked as a dramaturge at Czechoslovak Television in Ostrava.
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