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radio frequency power amplifier <RF power amplifier>
Hochfrequenzleistungs­verstärker {m} <HF-Leistungs­verstärker>
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  • The loadline method is often used in RF power amplifier design.
  • An RF power amplifier is found in radio transmitter final stages.
  • Compatibility with the silicon integrated circuit technology has supported AlN in FBAR resonator based products like radio frequency filters, duplexers, RF power amplifier or RF receiver modules.
  • g. RF power amplifier stages in push-pull configuration or symmetrical antenna tuners where the rotor needs to be "cold", i.e.
  • This significantly relaxes the design of the RF power amplifier, allowing it to achieve greater conversion efficiencies than linear amplifiers.
  • With advances in digital signal processing techniques, digital predistortion (DPD) is now widely used for RF power amplifier subsystems.
  • Envelope tracking (ET) describes an approach to radio frequency (RF) amplifier design in which the power supply voltage applied to the RF power amplifier is continuously adjusted to ensure that the amplifier is operating at peak efficiency for power required at each instant of transmission.
  • Current research focuses on integrating the RF power amplifier (PA) with CMOS technology, either by using MOSFETs or SiGe HBTs, on RF CMOS mixed-signal integrated circuit chips.
  • The alternative of increasing coverage by adding an RF power amplifier to a single base station can bring similar improvements to a wireless network.
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