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NOUN   a Rayleigh wave | Rayleigh waves
Rayleigh wave
Rayleigh-Welle {f} [auch: Rayleighwelle]
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Übersetzung für 'Rayleigh wave' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Rayleigh wave
Rayleigh-Welle {f} [auch: Rayleighwelle]phys.
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  • The term Rayleigh–Lamb waves embraces the Rayleigh wave, a type of wave that propagates along a single surface.
  • A "broad-band" variant (Ms_BB, Ms(BB)) measures the largest velocity amplitude in the Rayleigh-wave train for periods up to 60 seconds.
  • While much excitement rightly centres on the relatively new activity related to intersonic cracking, an old but interesting possibility remains to be incorporated in the modern work: for an interface between elastically dissimilar materials, crack propagation that is subsonic but exceeds the Rayleigh wave speed has been predicted for at least some combinations of the elastic properties of the two materials.
  • One is less than the Rayleigh wave speed and the other one equals it.
  • If a train speed becomes larger than Rayleigh wave velocity in the ground, an additional very large increase in generated ground vibrations takes place.
  • His prediction of ground vibration boom from high-speed trains travelling at speeds larger than Rayleigh wave velocity in the supporting ground has received public attention in connection with the proposed High Speed Rail system HS2 in the UK.
  • This wave is similar to a Stoneley wave, which propagates at a solid-solid interface, and a Rayleigh wave, which propagates at a vacuum-solid interface.
  • The upper limit to normal propagation is the velocity of Rayleigh waves, 0.92 of the shear wave velocity, typically about 3.5 km per second.
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