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total artificial heart <TAH>
künstlicher Totalersatz {m} des Herzens [Totalersatz des natürlichen Herzens]
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  • It is pronounced as (Iris) EYE-ris (cristata) kris-TAH-tah.
  • The Battle of Mu'tah was fought in September 629 near the village of Mu'tah, east of the Jordan River and Karak in Karak Governorate, between the forces of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and the forces of the Byzantine Empire and their Arab Christian Ghassanid vassals.
  • Lake Ouachita ("Pronounced WAH-shi-tah") is a reservoir created by the damming of the Ouachita River by Blakely Mountain Dam (...).
  • Banished once again to the same alternate dimension, Graviton becomes insane from the constant defeats and exile from Earth, and returns with the goal of total world conquest, accompanied by an adult-level P'tah named M'reel.
  • "Wah'kon-tah: The Osage and the White Man's Road" by John Joseph Mathews, University of Oklahoma Press, 1932 was written using Major Laban J. Miles' journal as reference.
  • The Bureau of Indian Affairs operates a K-8 school, Chi Chil'tah Community School. It was given internet access in 2001. That year it had 206 students.
  • Sarita Gurung (SAH-ree-tah GUU-rung, सरीता गुरुङ्ग) is philanthropist and social worker from Nepal who collects fund privately from Facebook social network and donates to needy people.
  • The Bureau of Indian Affairs operates a K-8 school, Chi Chil'tah Community School, which has a Vanderwagen address but is in Chi Chil Tah.
  • the most characteristic rhythm played on the dhol is a quick double-dotted figure that may be counted in rhythmic solfege as "ONE -tah and -tah TWO -tah and -tah THREE-E -TAH, FOUR AND" (rest on "and") or simply a long string of double-dotted notes, over which the bass side is used for improvisation.
  • Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge #237 is the Order of the Arrow lodge associated with the Gulf Stream Council.
  • Mu’tah University ([...] , "Jāmi‘atu Mu'tah") is a public university in the Jordanian town of Mu'tah which was founded on 22 March 1981 by the Royal Decree to be a national institution for military and civilian higher education.
  • The Magic Shoes ([...] or "Rawng tah laep plaep") is a Thai 1992 fantasy dance film, directed and edited with co-written by Prachya Pinkaew.
  • Lām with tah above (, [...] , also known as "Arabic letter Lām with small Tah above" or "arlām") is a character used in the Shahmukhi alphabet for the Punjabi language to represent a voiced retroflex lateral approximant and is also used in the Kalasha language.
  • Lyta Alexander (/lit/ LEE-tah)[...] is a fictional character played by Patricia Tallman in the science fiction television series Babylon 5.
  • Old Chief Smoke (Lakota: Šóta, pronounced Sho-tah) (October 1774 &ndash; September 1864) was an original Oglala Sioux head chief.
  • The New-haw-teh-tah-go were settled next, near the creek called Kaw-na-taw-te-ruh; then the Seuh-now-kah-tah, atop the Onondaga mountain; the Sho-nea-na-we-to-wah near lake Go-yo-goh; the Te-hoo-nea-nyo-hent at the foot of a mountain near Canandaigua; and the Kau-tan-oh-akau at Cau-ta-noh, near the mouth of the Neuse River.
  • Mu'tah ([...] , " [...] ") is a town in Karak Governorate in Jordan. Mutah University is located in the city.
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