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NOUN   urus | uri / uruses
Uri [given name for males]
Uri {m}
2 Wörter
Lake Uri [part of Lake Lucerne]
Urnersee {m}
URI formula [Ohm's law]
URI-Formel {f} [ohmsches Gesetz]
3 Wörter
Canton of Uri
Urnerland {n} [schweiz.] [Kanton Uri]
Canton of Uri <UR>
Kanton {m} Uri <UR>
universal resource identifier <URI>
Universal Resource Identifier <URI> {m} {f}
universal resource identifier <URI>
URI {m} {f} [kurz für: Uniform Resource Identifier]
4 Wörter
upper respiratory (tract) infection <URI, URTI>
Infektion {f} der oberen Atemwege
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
Uri maple [Acer crataegifolium]
Weißdorn-Ahorn {m}
Uri maple [Acer crataegifolium]
Weißdornblättriger Ahorn {m}
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  • His son Uri was killed during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.
  • In 1439, the town was attacked by Uri once again. The Duke of Milan reinforced Biasca and in 1441 made it a bulwark against the Leventina valley which had been conquered by Uri.
  • 2006. A Curious Incident in the Life of Uri Geller - Director/writer.
  • The announcement of SURBL as a URI DNSBL was made April 8, 2004 to the SpamAssassin user community.
  • 2006. "A Curious Incident in the Life of Uri Geller" - Director/writer.
  • (2006) present a heuristic called DustBuster for detecting DUST (different URIs with similar text) rules that can be applied to URI lists.
  • For the 2004 general election, Kim was placed as the number 3 of the proportional list for liberal, then-ruling party Uri Party.
  • The new Federal Constitution of 1874, which was rejected by the voters of Uri, led to a total revision of the cantonal constitution in 1888.
  • Double URI-encoding is a special type of double encoding in which data is URI-encoded twice in a row.
  • If the user agent performs pin validation and fails to find a valid SPKI fingerprint in the served certificate chain, it will POST a JSON formatted violation report to the host specified in the report-uri directive containing details of the violation.
  • Towards the end of 1948, the Indian Army's Operation Easy dispatched forces from Rajouri and Uri to link up at Poonch and establish a line of defence along Uri–Poonch-Nowshera line.
  • The Uri Party insisted on expanding women's rights and abolishing the National Security Act.
  • Baron (2007) lists Kwomtari-speaking villages as Mango, Kwomtari, Baiberi, Yenabi, Yau'uri, and Wagroni.
  • Uri Geller helped him train his mind during record bids.
  • Wanq'uri (Aymara "wanq'u" guinea pig, "-ri" a suffix, Hispanicized spelling "Huancure") is a mountain in the Andes of southern Peru, about [...] high.
  • During World War I, Drucker served in the Women's Land Army.
  • The painting remained unsold during Gertler's lifetime.
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