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Vastu Shastra [Hindu architecture system]
Vastu {n} [indische Architekturlehre]
Vastu Shastra [Hindu architecture system]
Vaastu {n} [indische Architekturlehre]
Vastu Shastra [Hindu architecture system]
Vastu Shastra {n} [indische Architekturlehre]
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  • In June 2011, almost 50 renowned pandits were invited to conduct pujas and address vastu issues in the building, after which the Ambanis took up residence in September 2011.
  • South West is one of “the most important” direction as per vastu shastra.
  • The family's experience at the house improves as the mysterious incidents come to a halt after the vastu ritual.
  • The reporter goes on to say that many architects would not "quibble" with other components of MVA such as "balance and symmetry", a vastu fence or wall and "solar influenced" placement of rooms in the home.
  • Vastu Shastra are the textual part of "Vastu Vidya" - the broader knowledge about architecture and design theories from ancient India.Varahamihira's Brihat Samhita dated to about the sixth century CE is among the earliest known Indian texts with dedicated chapters with principles of architecture.
  • The "Samarangana Sutradhara" acknowledges and builds upon older Indian texts on temple architecture, and "vastu" in general, states Adam Hardy – a scholar of Hindu temple architecture and related historic texts.
  • The temple is facing south and built according to vastu science.
  • A new design, with some changes from the original, was prepared by the Sompuras in 2020, in accordance with vastu shastra and the shilpa shastras.
  • In addition to stage and film roles, Piret Kalda has also appeared in a number of television films and serials, beginning with the 1994 Vello Reili-directed television comedy film "Armastus kolme apelsini vastu".
  • It also offers consultancy services including Architectural design based on traditional Kerala vastu principle, Rectification of already built structures, Design of temples and churches and preservation of old structures according to vastuvidya.
  • In May 2022, he said, "sprinkling cow urine will remove obstacles in the house", the Goddess Ganga "resides in the urine of the cow" and "Sprinkling it in the house removes vastu defects or any other obstacles".
  • They further find the diamond artifact is a part of a scepter that opens a map room built using vastu shastra and astronomical positions of that period in a closed part of a sacred temple.
  • For the Vijnanavadins both "Abhūtaparikalpa" which is "paratantrasvabhava" and a "vastu existing substantialiter", and "shunyata" which is "parinishpannasvabhavaca" and not a "vastu existing substantialiter", are real.
  • Goggiaa is a professional numerologist and vastu expert. He runs a consultancy where he provides consultations for numerology, astrology and vastu.
  • Believers claim that the temple is built considering the shilpa shashtra, agama shashtra and vastu shashtra becomes the wish full-filler one.
  • The temple also visually displays various vastu shastra features.
  • As per vastu, the sanctum sanctorum is located on the "Kanni mula" (south-west corner) of Lord Shiva temple.
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