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VERB   to wed | wed / wedded | wed / wedded
wedding | weds
SYNO Midweek | to conjoin | to espouse | ...
sb. wed [married]jd. heiratete
wed {past-p} [dial. / poet.]geheiratet
to wedheiraten
to wed sb.jdn. ehelichen [veraltend]
to wedsichAkk. vermählen [geh.]
to wedhochzeiten [selten] [heiraten] [österr.]
to wed sb.sichAkk. mit jdm. vermählen [geh.]
Wednesday <Wed., We.>Mittwoch {m} <Mi., Mit., Mittw.>
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newly wed {adj}neuvermählt
newly wed {adj}neu vermählt
newly wed {adj}jungvermählt
newly wed {adj}jungverheiratet
newly-wed {adj}frisch verheiratet
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Willis-Ekbom disease <WED>
Restless-Legs-Syndrom {n} <RLS>
4 Wörter
to wed efficiency to economyLeistung und Sparsamkeit verbinden
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  • She retired to Naples, with her second husband, Dr Nando Arena (they wed on December 1st 1926).
  • She and actor Bill Tatum wed in 1984.
  • In 1931, she wed E. W. Harrison, but they divorced in 1933 amid Stoner's plans to wed for a fourth time.
  • On September 17, 1840 he wed Leonora Temple.
  • He was wed to a daughter of Satake Yoshimasa of Kubota Domain, and re-wed after her death to a daughter of Maeda Narinaga of Kaga Domain, but he had only three daughters and no male heir.
  • On February 27, 2010, Sorensen wed Danielle Berry.
  • Silla is joined by Celia to whom he tells of his plans to wed Giunia and for Celia to wed her beloved Cinna on this day.
  • Indira and Jitendra were wed at a hotel in London with no member of Indira's family present.
  • His first spouse was Nina Helena Schultz with who he wed in 1906.
  • The Court also held that Illinois' denial of unwed fathers a hearing and extending it to all other parents (wed fathers, both wed and unwed mothers) violated the equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment.
  • Enache wed his partner Mădălina in May 2014.
  • The couple wed in 2021.
  • A few days later, after getting the permission from the governor, Myra Roderich and Marc Vidal were ready to be wed the next day at the Ragz cathedral.
  • They were wed in the Coomer family compound on the site of a home they were building.
  • The hoarse, slightly nasal, call sounds like "wed-wed" or "woid-woid".
  • In 2015 Marty wed longtime boyfriend Nelson Rosa.
  • In the first episode, two couples (Erin & Bryce, Christie & Mark) meet and wed in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • All of the children of William Bates married after they had emigrated to Newton Colony: Jeremiah wed Mary Spicer; Joseph married Mercy Clement in 1701; Abigail wed Joseph Fearne in 1687; William reportedly married a Native American female; and Sarah wed Simeon Ellis in 1692.
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